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Hello Guys,

I have a project in hands, a Mini Cooper S (R53) which has the purpose of Track/Mountain/Road use.

There for we came across a small issue.. We have new valves, springs and cams to fit onto the new Cylinder Head
but I don't know which figures/numbers I should go for the new port&polish and Intake and Exhaust in order to get power gains..

I have to fit Shcrick Valves and Springs and Schrick Cams.. What do you guys recommend or is there some place I could check performance ratings/specs or measurements for this purpose?

I tried to explain as much as I could.. everything is being "home made" or in our garage with the help of a few professional shop's.
But with no info's wouldn't be much of an use any of those.

Many Thanks for your help in advance,

My best Regards

Dead One
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There's loads of old posts on here, but you'll come across lots of squabbling amongst suppliers and not a great deal of info. Those who have developed heads that make results aren't going to give their work away.
Focus your efforts on opening up the exhaust runners. The exhausts are choked at ~55% ratio of intake, aim for 75%. You're using a flowbench right?
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