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I have for sale an amazing photo printer.
It is Epson's latest large format printer, capable of printing *superb* 24" x (up to 40m) prints on glossy, lustre and canvas. I bought this printer new 17 months ago as I was doing photography full time.

It can be used as a CAD printer, architects use them for simulating output but the main use is for photographers.

It comes with about £1000 of ink, 3 spare cartridges (£165 each!) and media to get you up and running.

£2000 o.v.n.o


Apple Mac Mini 2.26GHz Core 2 Duo, 160GB HDD, 2GB RAM, Superdrive etc.
Comes with clean install of Snow Leopard, power cube etc.
Works a dream - has been powering my iTunes / Apple TV system for 15 months without fault.

£325.00 o.v.n.o


Apple LED Cinema Screen 24" - the screen has a slight defect whereby the bottom right projection is distorted for about 3mm x 1in (tall). This absolutely no way at all impedes the performance - I was using this screen for editing digital images for a year and it never ever let me down. I mention it only as I wouldn't want anyone to be disappointed but seriously, amazing piece of kit!

£300.00 - BARGAIN PRICE!


Apple Mac Pro

Dual Intel 2.8GHz CPU, 8GB DDR RAM, 500GB OSX Snow Leaopard OS disk and 3 x 1TB RAID internal system giving 3TB storage.

Comes with a newly installed ATI card which cost me £400 from Apple! Runs like a beast - has been used in my studio daily for 2 years. I've replaced the HDD's recently - so lots of life left in them.

£1500 or if you take the monitor, £1750.


Wacom A4 Wide Tablet with pen - perfect for graphics artists / photographers.



Pics on request :)

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