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It’s been a frustrating few weeks with achingly slow progress on the car! Firstly went to fit the belt with the new AC delete pulley and I could not get the belt to fit for love nor money. Checked against the original and the delete pulley was bigger by 5mm:


also think it moved slightly outboard but still this meant I needed a longer belt or a rethink. Then whilst looking for/ investigating a longer belt I came across a few that had deleted this pulley all together. So decided this was the way to go. So short belt purchased and fitted:


now I realise there are some concerns about belt slip as belt doesn’t wrap the SC pulley as much as it would in the original setup but willing to give this a try and see how it goes.
Have also been spending time refitting all the small items like lower engine mount, heat shields, brackets etc and refilled the gearbox oil:

that little draper pump made that job particularly easy and would recommend. (Having made a mess on previous cars trying to get gearbox oil into a filler at some ridiculous angle or with some Heath Robinson type hose contraption)
Also purchased a slightly worse for wear Airtec and gave it a bit of a refresh unfortunately I appear to have deleted all of the photos of the work done to it but it now looks decent enough:

as you can see from the above pic just the rad and front panel to fit and fill the last of the fluids but feels pretty close to starting……
Lastly, finally got round to fitting the front wheels over the brakes:


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Still struggling with finding time for the car but a few bits done here and there that now kind of add up to an update:

So, back when I removed the front end I happened to notice that one of the pretend bumper vents that mounts into the plastic front panel had been botched into position:
Bicycle part Rim Gas Auto part Machine

when I looked a little further into it there was also a little more damage:
Motor vehicle Automotive tire Bumper Automotive wheel system Gas

whilst not the end of the world I wasn’t completely happy putting this back on the car so bought a new pattern part:
Automotive lighting Hood Automotive exterior Motor vehicle Tints and shades

I also took the opportunity to buy a new rad which meant splitting the old rad and fan and what should I find but a knackered resistor - it pretty much fell apart when I touched it and the wires just came away from the unit:
Circuit component Automotive lighting Electronic engineering Gas Cable

Now all fitted back to the car along with the crash bar etc:
Vehicle Car Grille Automotive tire Hood

I have some proper 3D printed brake cooling ducts also fitted in this pic - more to come on these soon. But for now it is very close to being started - just a few little jobs to do……
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