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Hi all,

I've searched but couldn't find an answer. I've recently had a new radiator and fan fitted, bled it all up etc and all seemed fine.

Anyway, I was driving today with no issue, ended up in a drive through for some food. Upon leaving I noticed some steam coming from the bonnet vent.

Looked under the bonnet and there was some coolant on the top rad hose and engine. At no point did the temp gauge move from halfway and fan came on as usual and went off when the engine cooled.

So..... I went home, ran the engine for ages and couldn't get coolant to come out of anywhere?! I then took it for a spin, some easy and some hard driving then idled it on the drive. Still no coolant leaking?!

I looked at the bleed screw and noticed a slight nick underneath. I twisted the screw a little bit and a miniscule spray of coolant started to come out of the hose when the fan came on. I'm not convinced though that it is the main issue?

Anyone come across this?
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