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I am new to both Minis and mini torque so please bare with me as I'm sure I will be asking the same old questions as most newbies.

I have bought a salvage Cat D 2012 R56 JCW and plan on using it for both general driving and track days, I have some plans but firstly I want to repair it, get it on the road and go from there.

There is an 'Evolve' automotive sticker on the boot below the JCW badge. I'm waiting on the log book to find out the previous owners name so I can get on to evolve and find out what it's had done to it if anything at all but fingers crossed! 

I am after an entire front end to fit this car (back to the engine, all bolt on stuff plus both chassis legs back to the engine mounts) colour isn't an issue as I will have it sprayed but if a black one was to come up I would be over the moon! There is a few front ends on EBay which I have enquired about but even the people selling seem to be messing me about  So any help would be great.

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