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Hi Everyone,

Decided finally to join this forum after using info from it over the years but never actually getting round to Joining.

I have a 07 Cooper in Astro Black with a few modifications/additions;
  • DDM works CAI
  • US Spec Throttle Inlet pipe
  • MAF Blank
  • Scorpion Redpower Exhaust
  • Sport Mode retrofit (Just need to code in)
  • Andriod Nav System
  • Pioneer speaker upgrade 6" fronts 6x9's rears
  • Genunie Mini boot storage box.
  • Bola B10 Alloys (Pirelli P-Zeros all round)
  • Aero Spoiler
  • Cooper S grill.
  • Tailor fitted SunShades
Now unusualy I chose a Cooper over a Cooper S as I didn't want another Turbo "everyday car" been there done that got carried away and turned a nice modified car into something that became a pain to live with day to day I know i'd do it again if I had the chance so made a choice to not do - I now scratch the Turbo itch with my drag sprinter.

Instead I wanted a nice handling car with a revvy engine that would be forgiving when I got a bit excited with the accelerator when driving on the twistys rather than somthing that wanted to kill me if I dared look at the accelerator!!

Plans are to keep the car well maintained, hoping in the next year to upgrade the suspension to somthing nicer, and probaly get some front n rear subframes and have them powder coated to replace the rusty ones on mine - its just surface rust but I hate the look of rust and posibly a few other mods here and there.

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