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Hi Robert

Please rephrase your question...
something got Lost in translation...from American to UK English.....?
Most people here wouldn't know a good price from a bad price on a UK countryman in the current market, and cheap cars are always easy to find, its how much do want to spend afterwords to end up with a good car?

This is very much a performance forum, So I would suggest you visit NAM, apologies up front that I've not Clicked your link as I have recently become very risk adverse to catching any viruses, and without stating the obvious your a newbie here ....(y)

Another point worth mentioning, generally the Uk is very conservative about mileage, most people will consider moving a car on past 60k, and 100k + is often considered “banger territory” so again our values will always reflect this different attitude.

Good luck and I hope your wife appreciates the legwork.
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