My R56 JCW

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Brief background.. Thought I had posts here from my previous 2003 R53, but doesn't seem like it. Anyway! There were two other JCWs for sale in Ireland, which I considered, but, beermat man-maths prevailed which resulted in me travelling to the UK and collecting a 2011 JCW that some may recognise.

Few pictured from the sale ad:
Tire Wheel Car Land vehicle Vehicle

Car Vehicle Vehicle registration plate Tire Hood

Wheel Car Tire Vehicle Window

When I collected it I knew about a P2885 error which, having searched on the forum, seems to be difficult to diagnose. I can drive to 4k RPM with no issues, but once you put the car in sports mode and hit 4krpm it triggers an error and power is down slightly on what I feel it should be.
I've a new diverter valve and GFB addon for it to be sure. Car has also had new timing chain and clutch in the last few months
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Some updates. Had the aircon regassed at the weekend.
Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Automotive tire

Also got the tracking done, but the track rod bolts (they probably have a proper name) is rounded, so 2 new ones ordered.
Tire Automotive tire Motor vehicle Vehicle Wood

Automotive tire Rim Wood Metal Automotive wheel system

Also fitted a new diverter valve and GFB+ this evening (after a lot of f'ing and b'ing, christ it's a pig to get to!) in the hope it'd solve my P2885 issue, but the diverter valve I removed had no tears and looked fairly new.

After I'd fitted it I ran the engine to ensure all was OK and I noticed a hissing type sound coming from the drivers side bulkhead - I believe this is where the pressure control valve is for the vacuum system. Is it common to hear a hissing on a vac leak?

Automotive tire Automotive lighting Automotive exhaust Motor vehicle Vehicle

I also noticed this tear in the turbo intake pipe but can't see this being the issue, it still seems to seal OK.

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I've get the occasional lumpy idle for a few seconds on a cold start but put it down to whatever is causing the 2885 error, but on the way home from work this evening, the car seemed to be a little more misfire-y (if that makes sense) when putting the foot down a bit, but picked up fairly normally, and can't even remember if it'd had been like this since I collected it - placebo effect and the fact I changed the diverter valve yesterday is messing with my head thinking I made a balls of it and broke something else! The plan is to get it into an independent MIN specialist here when I can get a day off to get them to give it the once over and solve the issue.

for the hiss, it could be PCV related, maybe pull the pipe and see if vac is felt with your finger, if it is but weak, or none, reach down by the intake side of the inlet manifold and disconnect the bottom end of it, then with the engine on put your finger over the hole and see if the hiss stops, if it does the PCV pipe is leaking

the vac solenoid is directly under the inlet manifold
Cheers, I know from an old MK5 Golf GTI I had if you pulled the dipstick out while the car was running and it ran rough after that, the PCV was generally OK. While checking the oil last night I took the dipstick out (what an awful dipstick these have btw) the idle instantly went rough, but not sure if it's the same
Car had a new valve cover fitted around March time and the hose coming from it looks fairly new too, pretty sure the PCV is built into the valve cover? Is it normal for them to go this soon?

a vac pod is lower down on drivers side, if the hoses mentioned previously are off, or one of them in particular, this can emit a hiss also but wouldn't be particularly loud imo considering engine noise
The more I think about it, the more it could be me exaggerating a sound in the hope it's an easy fix and not something like a new turbo, but when I had the turbo intake pipe off last night, I checked the blades quickly and they appeared to be OK (to my caveman hands anyway)

On the plus side, new Xenon bulbs arrived today and fitted them in no time this evening, excuse for a drive when it gets dark to see if they are any brighter of if, once again, I got sucked in by the marketing blurb
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Fitted an UltraGauge and Mini Sport short Aerial yesterday:
Bumper Hat Gas Automotive tire Tints and shades

Motor vehicle Vehicle Font Auto part Gas

Need to tighten the mount for the UltraGauge, may even look for a new one that's more angled towards the driver if that makes sense, if such a mount even exists.

Was driving home from the supermarket earlier and pushing on slightly to see if I can try pinpoint my 2885 code when I got a new code - 115D - which was accompanied by a very audible intake sound (more leaking pipe than intake tbh) and a proper wet sneeze when lifting off the accelerator. Scanned it with ISTA+ and got code 2B5B 'Air Mass Sensor Plausibility' code and had a quick Google to see it could be a number of things really but I'm 99% certain it's a loose or damaged hose somewhere. Had a quick check of the ones I could see from the top of the engine and the 2 intercooler ones under the bumper and they all seem to be OK so will need more investigation. Hoping this is just a continuance of the 2885 error as that hasn't come up since the new code appeared.

Also bought a few bits to give the car a good clean and polish tomorrow, will post a few more pics then when it's cleaner!
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As promised, some pictures of a deep clean, polish and wax today:
Snow Foamed with Koch Chemie GSF before being washed with Koch Chemie Auto Shampoo
Wheel Tire Vehicle Car Hood

Car Tire Wheel Land vehicle Vehicle

After this it got a going over with Iron X then clayed with a Carbon Collective Exfoliblock. After this it was washed again with Koch Chemie Auto Shampoo. From here, it was polished with CarPro Essence on an orange CarPro pad. Pictures after this:
Car Automotive tail & brake light Vehicle Vehicle registration plate Automotive tire

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Automotive tire

Car Tire Wheel Vehicle Plant

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Automotive tire

Tire Car Automotive parking light Vehicle Wheel

CarPro recommend waiting 3hrs after using Essence before applying protection - I waited approx 2.5hrs before applying a coat of Soft99 Dark & Black, then dressed the arches and other plastics with Meguiars Ultimate Black and dressed the tyres with Vonixx Revox - really like this stuff.

All finished!
Tire Wheel Car Land vehicle Vehicle
Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Vehicle registration plate

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Plant

Quite happy with how it turned out, although I've just realised I didn't do anything with the glass bar clay it, but have some Glaco Compound & Glaco Ultimate to go on, may try get that done one of the evenings if I can't get it in somewhere to sort this 115D error.
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Another day, another code!

Had checked all the pipes and found the turbo intake pipe had a clamp that wasn't tight (but not loose either) so tightened it a bit and went for a quick drive when I got a different code - P1497 - which from a quick Google and search on here suggests it's a 'Downstream throttle air leak'. I've checked the intercooler to see if it's leaking and can't see or feel anything but still hearing a slight hiss/leaking air sound from close to the driver side bulkhead (where the crank case breather joins the valve cover). One of the main symptoms is it'll idle at ~700rpm then all of a sudden jump to ~1100 before dropping back down again. Anyone experienced anything similar and solved it?

Should also mention the valve cover was replaced back in February along with the gasket & timing chain.
An update of sorts on the codes I've been getting. Car went into a local BMW/MINI specialist on Wednesday morning and got a call at lunchtime to say it had been sorted - intercooler hoses were 'all over the place'. They confirmed they did a smoke test and saw it leak once pressure built up a bit and fixed it. Collected the car and it drove like it never has before (placebo maybe) but it was popping & banging more than it had since I collected it. I took it for a driver later Wednesday evening and pushed it on a bit, when the dreaded 2885 code came back. Car still seems to boost a little, and from taking it out a few times since, it only comes on above 4k RPM (as before) but sometimes it can get to 5-6k with no code, and, it comes on without fail in Sport mode which I don't understand

I've been trying to keep an eye on the UltraGauge to see how boost pressure is when the code comes on - I had it out this evening and it was showing ~8PSI on the UltraGauge when it came on (sitting at -11 or so at idle) I believe the UltraGauge includes atmospheric pressure and I haven't a clue what it should show (IIRC JCWs boost to 12PSI stock?)

At this stage I'm thinking it's either the pressure control valve under the throttle body, carbon build up or the turbo, but, as always, would welcome any input from people who have solved it before
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