My R56 JCW

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Brief background.. Thought I had posts here from my previous 2003 R53, but doesn't seem like it. Anyway! There were two other JCWs for sale in Ireland, which I considered, but, beermat man-maths prevailed which resulted in me travelling to the UK and collecting a 2011 JCW that some may recognise.

Few pictured from the sale ad:
Tire Wheel Car Land vehicle Vehicle

Car Vehicle Vehicle registration plate Tire Hood

Wheel Car Tire Vehicle Window

When I collected it I knew about a P2885 error which, having searched on the forum, seems to be difficult to diagnose. I can drive to 4k RPM with no issues, but once you put the car in sports mode and hit 4krpm it triggers an error and power is down slightly on what I feel it should be.
I've a new diverter valve and GFB addon for it to be sure. Car has also had new timing chain and clutch in the last few months
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shiny ;O)

2885 is quite commonly linked to the vac pipes, even if they're on they can leak
for the hiss, it could be PCV related, maybe pull the pipe and see if vac is felt with your finger, if it is but weak, or none, reach down by the intake side of the inlet manifold and disconnect the bottom end of it, then with the engine on put your finger over the hole and see if the hiss stops, if it does the PCV pipe is leaking

the vac solenoid is directly under the inlet manifold

a vac pod is lower down on drivers side, if the hoses mentioned previously are off, or one of them in particular, this can emit a hiss also but wouldn't be particularly loud imo considering engine noise
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