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Not so Recent pics:

New Wheels by MartijnKoevoets, on Flickr

New Wheels by MartijnKoevoets, on Flickr


- Cooper S engine conversion
- NGK BCR8ES spark plugs
- DIY dave.f style intake
- Kavs 17% pulley
- GRS Motorsport intercooler
- 380cc JCW injectors
- OBX manifold
- R56 N18 backbox
- Newman PH2 cam
- Rooster Racing uprated BPV

- Momo Mod. 07 steering wheel
- OMP hub
- VDO oil temp gauge in 3D printed vent mount
- VDO oil pressure gauge in 3D printed vent mount
- ScanGauge II
- JCW carbon dash
- Cravenspeed/TomTom iPhone mount
- chrome Cooper S pedals + footrest
- red floor mats
- Coolerworx shifter
- Porsche 917 style knob
- JCW carbon/Alcantara handbrake
- black Alcantara handbrake boot with silver stitching
- black Alcantara dash top with silver stitching
- JCW shiftlight covered in black alcantara
- black Alcantara down tubes with silver stitching
- black Alcantara a-pillars with silver stitching
- black door cards with carbon handle
- black Alcantara armrests with silver stitching
- Corbeau Club Sport seats
- GP-replica gauge faces with chrome trim rings
- black door sill strips
- all other silver trim painted black
- GP2 rear seat delete
- carbon rear strut
- red cargo net
- LRS rear half cage

- Cooper S bonnet
- Cooper S front bumper
- Cooper S rear bumper
- Orranje GP rear bumper inserts
- GP rear bumper trim
- JCW Aero sideskirts
- JCW Aero grill with surround color coded
- facelift xenon headlights with Philips 6000K bulbs
- angle eye parking lights with Immers-LED-rings
- projector fog lights with Nokya 3000K bulbs
- Joey modded red/white taillights
- Honda S2000 antenna
- Bosch Aerotwin wipers
- side marker lights
- color coded Orciari cowl vents
- rear wiper delete with glass bung from
- GP boot handle
- color coded headlight rings
- Ford Escort RS Turbo bonnet vents
- Triple R Composites front splitter
- Orranje G-Wing
- black door handle covers

- KW V1 coilovers
- Eibach fixed camber plates
- SPC/Eibach camber arms
- Whiteline 20mm rear sway bar
- Rally Design stud conversion
- V-Maxx adjustable endlinks
- Powerflex wishbone bushes

- 16x8 ET35
- Federal 595 RS-R in 205/50-16

- BMW Z4 M master cilinder
- front R56S brakes with Mintex D1144 pads
- rear new OEM parts
- Goodridge braided brake hoses
- Motul RBF600 fluid

- 15/02/12 JCW steering wheel
- 23/02/12 Alcantara parts
- 25/02/12 Alcantara dash top
- 30/03/12 Facelift xenon
- 08/04/12 destriped and removed Seven-decals
- 11/04/12 JCW Sparco drivers seat
- 06/05/12 Alcantara/carbon facelift door cards
- 07/05/12 Finished interior
- 19/05/12 Whiteline 20mm rear ARB and SPC control arms
- 31/05/12 Black mirror caps
- 20/07/12 Orciari scoops
- 25/07/12 Cooper S rear bumper
- 05/08/12 Cooper S front bumper
- 12/08/12 Rear wiper delete
- 15/08/12 Cooper S side skirts
- 17/08/12 Black door sills
- 24/09/12 Borbet A's
- 02/10/12 Broken drive shaft
- 09/11/12 Stud conversion
- 19/11/12 Passed 150k KM's
- 26/11/12 Winter wheels with army green Plastidip
- 17/12/12 R56 rear trailing arms
- 25/03/13 Seaside pics
- 03/04/13 Brakes + endlinks
- 26/04/13 New summer wheels + tyres, black beltine, cc'd headlight rings
- 16/05/13 GP undertrays + Powerflex lower engine mounterflex lower engine mount
- 02/06/13 Joey mod taillights
- 08/06/13 Tinted reverse light
- 28/06/13 Upper Eibach/SPC adjustable control arms
- 08/07/13 Roadtrip to Scotland
- 01/04/14 No more daily-driving duties
- 20/04/14 Cooper S engine conversion
- 20/04/14 Rear seat delete
- 12/06/15 Newman PH2 camshaft + OBX manifold + GP rear trim
- 14/06/15 Eibach camber plates + R56S brakes
- 15/06/15 R56 N18 exhaust
- 20/06/15 Cobra Suzuka Pro seat
- 25/06/15 OMP Targa 330mm steering wheel + JCW Aero side skirts
- 08/07/15 Low again
- 25/07/15 New Pioneer radio
- 01/08/15 E46 M3 handle covers
- 02/09/15 New boot floor
- 21/10/15 Custom map at Beek Auto Racing
- 09/11/15 GoGarage37 decals + Rennline door pulls
- 24/11/15 Yokohama AD08R
- 16/12/15 Ford Escort RS Turbo bonnet vents
- 19/03/16 Black 3rd brake light
- 05/05/16 Momo Mod. 07 350mm steering wheel
- 04/06/16 TRC splitter, GP2 diffuser, Orange G-Wing, JCW FL ECU
- 27/04/17 New battery
- 13/05/17 Uprated BPV + 3D printed gauge vent
- 27/09/17 Coolerworx shifter
- 29/09/17 VDO oil temp gauge + BMW Z4 M master brake cilinder
- 11/11/17 LRS Rear Half Cage
- 22/11/17 Corbeau Clubsport Seats
- 16/02/18 Porsche 917 style knob

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At the age of 29 I thought it was time to get my first set of wheels. I'd been a student for way to long, and thus did most travel by bicycle or public transportation. I've been a hobby photographer for 5 years or so, mainly shooting cars, so I've been in (and driven) my fair share of nice cars. Last year I started doing more and more freelance work, mainly video (using Canon HDSLR's) for some fitness companies. This year I also started making videos for Autoblog (the Dutch version), so now I'm able to make a living of it... :cool:

I was looking for a car that was still quite reasonable in terms of running costs, but was still fun to drive and had potential to be modified. Thus in May I ended up with my 2002 Mini Cooper:

No 'S', as that was a lot more expensive (both to buy and run), and I figured I'd get more fun from good handling than more power. Due to my work I get to be in a lot of fast cars and I've learned that power isn't everything (though it can be fun of course! :D). It has Seven-badges on it, but being a 2002-model it's no real Seven of course.

Of course I started modding straight away, nothing special, a black grill, Honda S2000-antenna, aFe CAI and a set of KW V1 coilovers, Dr Krumm camber plates and 15mm-spacers all around. I read my g/f scary stories about upset bears attacking cars with to much wheelgap, so she convinced me to lower it.

This is how it sits as of now:

This is the lowest I can go while still being able to scrape out of my parking structure. The front jack point on the right hits the floor on the way in though. Already lost the front left one on a high speedbump... :D

Got some red/white-taillights:

For a little more noise I installed an aFe-intake and a PlayMini-catback:

Video with just the intake:

Video just after having the exhaust installed:

Made the interior a little less stock by installing a carbon JCW dash:

Here's some recent shots I took (all clickable for 1600px):

And here's me cornering:

I'm getting it chipped next weekend (mainly for improved 'feel') and have some 'Pepperpots' with winter tires to go on soon... :)

Obligatory mod list:

  • aFe intake
  • PlayMini exhaust with unsilenced front pipe
  • JCW carbon dash
  • Cravenspeed/TomTom iPhone mount
  • black grill
  • red/white taillights
  • Philips SilverVision bulbs
  • KW V1 coilovers
  • Dr Krumm fixed camber plates
  • new front end links
  • S-Spokes (R85) 17x7
  • Falken FK-452 in 205/40-17
  • 15mm spacer front + rear
  • Pepperpots (R81) 15x5.5
  • Yokohama W.Drive in 175/65-15
Over winter I want to collect some goodies to have the car shine in spring. :D Some more JCW-interior-goodies (shifter/handbrake + steering wheel), Cooper S bumpers + skirts (no Aero) and some nice wheels. I also have some SPC/Eibach camber arms and new rear end links that I didn't install yet, think I'll throw those on together with a thicker rear sway bar.

Update 11/5
Had the car chipped today on a local (the Netherlands is small enough for everything to be local ;) ) meeting:

Didn't expect to gain match apart from a little improved throttle response and it did indeed feel better. Also got a little more pops from the exhaust, but that might be due to having burned in a little more on the long(ish) drive over there.

The real suprise came on the way home, 100-120km/h (60-80mph) in 5th gear feels quite a lot stronger, and that's a range that I use often on our crowded highways. Fuel economy also seems to have improved by almost 10%, nice side-effect! :)

Update 11/20

Fitted the winterwheels today:

Some more pics of the winterwheels:










Update 12/11


For the haters:

Some DIY-pics:


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Update 12/23

Small update...

Recently lost my left scuttle while doing 75mph on the freeway: :scared:

New scuttle and indicator were easily sourced:

Too bad the old one left some impressions before flying away:

I got an OBD-cable on Ebay and read some stuff about NCS Expert... enabled some stuff like auto locking and comfort open/close for the windows:

Also enabled a digital speedo with less error margin than the regular speedo:

Removed the black tape from the grill, so it's chrome again:

And some recent pics:


Someone spotted me on the freeway:

That last picture made me realize that I'm still running more negative camber than necessary in the back... and I still have some Eibach (SPC) rear control arms laying around:

It's winter over here and I don't have access to a lift (or a heated workshop), however there's a supposedly really good alignment-place quite close to me. People from all over the country bring their (race-) cars to have them aligned by this guy... I think after the holidays I'll inform if they can install my control arms if I bring the car in for an alignment (it started pulling slightly to the right)... :cool:

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MT welcomes you and your lowness already...have a look for a thread called "norman the cunt"

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LOL, just had a look at that thread, and although it's an awesome idea, it's nog the direction I want to be heading at... :D

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Thanks! I've always loved the pepper pots, so when I was looking around for winter tires and found a set nearby for a good prices I didn't think twice... :)

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I was always under the impression that you couldn't enable the digital speedo on the early cars. Very interesting.

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I actually enabled the digital speedo on 3 other pre-facelift R50's on a local GTG 2 weeks ago:

^evil genius hackx0rz

It can be set to display the same speed as the regular speedo, or display the 'real' speed from the OBD (it differs only 1-2km/h from GPS on my winterwheels). I also found a 1/4-mile-timer and a 0-100-timer while sniffing around in the settings, but enabling them only showed an empty position on the BC.

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Yes, if you use NCS Expert to get into the MKB module, you'll see the following:


You gave to set those to:
to get the digital speedo.

And if you set
it'll remove the extra tolerance on the digital speedo.

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Bit of a noob to these things but why does the OBD speed differ to the regular speedo? At 80mph (speedo) my OBD reads 75mph.

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^^ Very interesting, as I though the only speedo input was from the wheel speed sensors.

Anymore info on the software and where its available from?

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It's on purpose, in most country's it's mandatory for the speedo to show less than real speed... manufacturers probably also account for differences in tire circumferences etc.
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