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Ad's project thread.
Right thought id start a project thread (finally). so here is my car as i picked it up in sept 2010.

It was compleatly standard with 54,000 miles chilli pack and full black leather interior with brushed dash and 3 spoke steering wheel, oh and shitty s-spokes and massive wheel gap! i want to go for a euro/dubbed look but with performance chucked in for gd measure, as i enjoy track days.

A little bit about me im 21 and from oxford. iv not been on the forum too long but been hooked and on the web site everyday since i joined . im a bathroom designer/salesman in oxford (for now) my first car was a mk4 golf that i modded slightly manly superficial stuff like smoothed the bodywork,handles etc respray, bbs wheels, and coil-overs.(will try and find a pic at some point) thats enough boring stuff.

so the first thing i set about doing was putting together a wish list:

Under the Bonnet.

17/15% pully
dave.f fitted
GRS/GP intercooler
440 injectors


Alacantra dash top,dash,pillars, etc
Front buckets
sued steringwheel
short shift purchased
possible cage


de-chrome partially done
wheels and tires
rear wiper delete
smoothed front bumper
offset front jap style number plate

To get things started i thought id start to de-chrome everything as it costs very little if you do it yourself.

so i started stripping the chrome off that i wanted painting and rubbed them down with sandpaper. it felt very wrong to be sanding shiny bits from my car id just spent a lot of money on! lol but it was defiantly the right thing to do.

Then set up a little spray booth and primed then,sanded,primed and sanded again, you no the drill.

sorry for the shitty quality my digital slr was being fixed. and it was fooking freezing.

so heres the car after id finished my first mini mod

so plenty to do in 2011 i will be purchasing some new bits as soon as my next pay cheque arrives lol any advice and coments are welcome hopefully get to no some of you this year as i will be attending everything i can.


p.s my cars new garage mates.


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Quick off topic update:)

i went to Silverstone last Saturday to see a friends new porsche go round the track as he is entering the carrera cup! we decided to take the Gtr to see how it faired. we also to the mini to take the gear in.:)

Then my mates friend turned up in this ex challenge car turned road legal! (funny paint job) but well specced up! had all challenge motor sport stuff on it that id never seen before breaks and rear spoiler. i only got a few picks from the whole day as i was having to much fun in the GTR n Passengering in the porsche i also wen out with the guy tutoring my mate in the porsches n he was an epic driver learnt alot from him! he has the white gt2 next to the gt3 rs.

few on track pics!

All in all a great day out! has inspired me to do my ARDS test and get my national b license :) n try n get sorted to do the mini challenge next year!

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Hi guys it's been a long time since I posted on here
Just thought I'd upload a few pics as I have just installed a new exhaust system and am looking for some advice on what coilovers to get!

The new exhaust is a magniflow cat back system any tips on wht manifold and cat to pair with it?

old exhaust

Side by side

Il get a vid of the sound for u guys soon!

In other news I have realy got into hot rods so here's a few pic on what I've been working on!



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Hi evil u cunt! The exhaust is the start my "the project" other than a dave-f air box and some up rated disks and pads previosly. I should perhaps weed the thread and limit it to my mini? I have been off the site for a while. ��
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