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2004 Mini Cooper S
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Welcome everyone! My friend has had this 2004 Cooper S since new. She hasn't treated it well, and has given it to me. Only 80,000 miles. The clutch was completely, absolutely trashed and the car wouldn't go into gear. As you can see from the photos... the clutch completely smoked. There was no friction material on the disc at all, but plenty inside of the housing. I'm refreshing the car to give my son, who's at University.

I have some questions: I'm replacing the oil pressure sensor and the coolant temperature sensor. There are a few others, but I'm not replacing the camshaft and crank position sensors, knock sensor, reverse sensor or O2 sensors. But all of these things are quite easy to replace now that everything's apart. Opinions? Any other important items I'm missing? The spark plugs looked excellent, so I haven't replaced them even though I bought a set.

It's current state appears below. The engine is out, and I'm fairly confident that the engine and transmission are fine, although there was oil leaking everywhere, especially the oil filter housing and crank sensor. I've ordered a lot of new parts, here's a list of the items I'm covering:
  • Replace Clutch, throw out bearing, flywheel, and bushings
  • Replace all engine gaskets except the head gasket
  • Service supercharger: New oil, new gaskets, new water pump
  • Replace thermostat and housing
  • Disassemble Oil filter housing/cooler, clean, new gaskets
  • New Koni shocks
  • Shock tower reinforcement plates
  • New brake pads/rotors all around
  • New tires
  • New belt and tensioner
  • Replace one engine mount
  • Replace radiator fan resistor
  • New ball joints and bushings
  • Oil pressure sensor
  • Coolant temp sensor
That should hopefully refresh everything that should be refreshed.
Keeping me quite busy for a while.

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2004 Mini Cooper S
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Progressing… Clutch installed and transmission bolted back on. Supercharger serviced; oil changed and new water pump, new thermostat, new coolant temp sensor, new oil pressure sensor, refreshed the oil filter/cooler assembly with new gaskets. New belt tensioner. I also replaced the control arm bushings and front ball joints and installed the first of the Koni FSD’s. I was away this weekend but expect to put the engine back in next weekend.

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