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But for better or worse, Movie is precisely the kind of misbegotten disaster that seems made for late-night heckling. It is not remotely boring, and it features two hilariously over-the-top performances from two highly respected actors. Watch Jupiter Ascending Online

It is likely to be one of the worst films of the year, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy myself. Yes, Movie is that kind of movie. Watch Fifty Shades of Grey Online

The plot concerns young Tom Ward (Ben Barnes) who, because he is the Movie of a Movie, is recruited by a witch hunter (Jeff Bridges) to become an apprentice and hunt down a witch queen known as Malkin (Julianne Moore) before she does the whole “cover the lands with darkness” bit in just a week’s time. Watch Kingsman The Secret Service Online

This leads to all manner of adventures, from fights with bears, and romance with a morally-divided young with (Alicia Vikander), to a final battle with the diabolical Mother Malkin. Watch American Sniper Online

Djimon Hounsou pops up as a lead henchman of sorts while Olivia Williams has a thankless role as young Tom’s mother who has what turns out to be a pretty irrelevant secret. Watch The SpongeBob Movie Sponge Out of Water Online

Warner Bros. /Time Warner TWX +0.67% Inc. will be releasing the Village Roadshow and Warner Bros. production Jupiter Ascending in 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D this Friday. Watch Paddington Online

The film, which stars Mila Kunis, Channing Tatum, Sean Bean, and Eddie Redmayne, was initially supposed to be released in mid-July of last summer before it was pulled from the schedule in early June and relocated to the February 6th, 2016 slot. Watch Project Almanac Online

The date change of course set off warning bells about whether or not the film was an artistic disaster and/or a would-be financial catastrophe. Either way, the film heads into the weekend with a $175 million budget and a deluge of negative press. Watch Seventh Son Online

Mila Kunis isn’t exactly courting mega-budget franchise tent poles and Channing Tatum will be fine. The real losers if the film goes south this weekend are the Wachowski siblings. Watch Black or White Online

This is their first pure original film since The Matrix just under 16 years ago. The sequels made lots of money but left fans cold. Speed Racer is a beloved cult classic but made just $85m worldwide on a $120m budget. Watch The Boy Next Door Online

Cloud Atlas was a respectable attempt at high-end prestigious sci-fi, but it earned $130m worldwide on a $100m budget. If this one plays the way the pundits are predicting, then it may be awhile before Lana and Andrew Wachowski get any real money to do their uber-imaginative voodoo. Watch The Hobbit The Battle of the Five Armies Online

And that will be a loss for all of us. So despite my mixed feelings on the film, I am hoping for a surprise this weekend. Watch The Wedding Ringer Online

I would love to tell you that all of the advance buzz was wrong. I would love to tell you that Jupiter Ascending is a towering artistic achievement that validates the copious money that Lana and Andrew Wachowski have spent on behalf of Village Roadshow and Warner Bros. Watch Night at the Museum Secret of the Tomb Online

I find much of the advance “Ooooh… (Insert media-friendly star’s) movie is going to bomb!” muck-racking distasteful, both in terms of what amounts to rooting for failure for the sake of click-bait headlines and in terms of establishing a negative narrative right from the start. Watch Taken 3 Online

So the good news is that Jupiter Ascending is not truly a narrative disaster and it often is a visual wonder. Watch Strange Magic Online

But considering the amount of money (clearly onscreen) being spent, the film itself just isn’t strong enough in terms of crowd pleasing spectacle or iconic characters to justify the film’s budget. Watch The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 Online

First of all, you have to remember that for many (the majority?) of the 115 million or so people watching the Super Bowl, the various commercials for the big summer blockbusters were their first-looks. Watch Into the Woods Online

Yes, there was a teaser for Independence Day that premiered in late 1995, but that film’s groundbreaking Super Bowl spot was the first look that the vast majority of would-be ticket buyers had seen for the 1996 sci-fi adventure. Watch A Most Violent Year Online

To paraphrase the NBC motto during their 1990’s Must See TV peak years, if audiences hadn’t seen that initial trailer for Jurassic World from late November or Furious 7 from early November respectively, then said 70-second clips were indeed “New to You” feature film advertisements. Watch Mortdecai Online

For many football fans who are casual moviegoers without necessarily being obsessive movie fans, last night’s commercials for the likes of Terminator: Genisys, Ted 2, Jurassic World, and/or Furious 7 were the first bits of advertising that they had seen from the respective films. Watch Unbroken Online

For many of the films discussed above, the initial trailers that dropped late last year or early this year were basically fan-service. Watch Big Hero 6 Online

Sure they played in theaters for general moviegoers and made the case for buying a ticket when the time came, but they were early peaks that were explicitly for the sake of the converted. Watch Dumb and Dumber To Online

The Furious 7 trailer that dropped in November accompanied by a red carpet premiere was not meant to convert new fans to the seven-film franchise. Watch Horrible Bosses 2 Online

It was a gift of sorts meant to excite the fan base and give movie bloggers a reason to discuss the upcoming film in blog posts that would be read by obsessive film nerds who were already on board. Watch Penguins of Madagascar Online

The other reason that we have already seen “first looks” for all of the big films from last night’s Super Bowl is because studios tend to want to release their big trailers for upcoming films during the respective opening weekends of other big films. Watch Exodus Gods and Kings Online
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