Mud Flaps

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Hi there,
I want some mud flaps for my R56 JCW, I know the mini ones don't fit to the JCW bodykit... anyone know of any that till fit?

Thanks in advance
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Sweet! how would they be fitted on?
Thanks for the quick reply!
^^ These will look pimping. I reckon you should blue wheels and flaps on one side, and then red wheels and flaps on the other. If you're looking for wheels Wolfrace have the best available, and then Eibach will sort you some lowering springs.
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Nice sarcastic comment...
I need them as my job means i have to drive onto a lot of building sites and the mud get right up the car...
Credit to you for getting the sarcasm btw, most newbies don't understand
aha im a frequent viewer on MT, i just rarely post, most things are answered already.
And yeah washing the car has become a frequent activity, however, those Sparco ones. I know they also do them in black, are there any holes pre drilled to which they can be fitted? or does anyone else know of any?

Just to take it further... Don't talk to me about dirty cars, I think mine looked better 'used'

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iv got the black sparco ones and i think they look fine i got the black push fit trim clips and just drilled through in to the plastic arch lip mine is an r50 tho but they do the job perfect
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Might go to a different forum if you're all gonna be dicks... But thanks minibob, Ill check them out...
was it a simple case of drilling in to the inner wheel arch?
aha im a frequent viewer on MT
So you know how MT works then?

Might go to a different forum if you're all gonna be dicks..
Probably loads of flaps on totalMINI :wink:
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You know if you switch two letters....... Just sayin.....
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