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It's late, and I can't be bothered to write some hugely emotional speech about how much we love (no ****) each and every one of you that helped keep us racing right until the very end of this season :thumbup1:

Rota Grid Vs (Donated by Rare Rims) - in Batou Racing Brown

43 - Johnathan Vel

Sketch of Your Car (Donated by sef)

20 - Ryan Kennedy

Drive the MTR R56 at Bedford Autodrome

4 - Glen Horncastle

Passenger Hot Laps in the MTR R56 at Bedford Autodrome

1 - Simply Equine Photography

Congratulations to the winners! I promise the video will be uploaded one day :lol:

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Yes! I finally won something in my life! Great feeling. Been so busy with college over the past 3 weeks. I just want to thank everyone on here, I really miss the R56 S, keep drooling over R56 FJCW's in the college car park, never thought I would miss it as much, but I do.. I will be back in a Mini in the future. Will just save the Rota's until then and hope the PCD and offset will be fine for the next generation Mini's.

I mean this, this forum is THE best, nothing compares! FACT! Honestly, nothing to do with the fact I've won some wheels, I mean it, the atmosphere on here is second to none, especially compared to the VW forums I have looked at recently::getcoat::
Thanks to all of you lot for being you lot! May not have posted much but enjoyed every second of the regular reading I did on here. Will be back, for sure..
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