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So I've been meaning to write this for a while, I've actually started it a few times and deleted it because it was taking too long! lol

this will be brief, i will let alot of the pics do the talking.

I bought Monica on 8th july 2013 looking like this:

and currently looks like this:

There is a whole list of stuff been done so far and a longer list of to do's (list of to do's right at the end)

Current spec;


Rebuilt engine with balanced OEM pistons & rods, honed bores and new rings. Special superlight TTV flywheel & Porsche clutch balanced to stock crank and damper, ARP Headstuds

Ric woods BVH with some special coating over the valves? Im sure ric said it was something like 'starite'? Anyone got any clues of what it could be?

Newman cam

Thumper inlet manifold ported and polished to match the BVH

550 injectors

FL Eaton M45 SC with 17% KAVS pulley

FL gearbox with Quaife LSD

Driveshaftshop level 2.9 drive shafts

Aircon delete

JCW with ITG cone filter inside (also have a K&N typhoon)

OEM coil pack with upgraded internals (from LEERMR's car)

Magnecor KV85 leads

NGK cooler iridium plugs

Airtec radiator

Mocal oil cooler

Mocal oil catch can

Forge power steering reservoir

Coolant tank off LEERMR (cant remember what the make was?)

Custom 25ish litre fuel cell with ATL fuel level sensor, Facet lift pump and Bosch 044 high pressure pump, Earls fuel filter, Return lines to swirl pot - hand formed hard lines, Fuel pressure sensor to dash


Ohlins BMS MI10 road and track coilovers

RTM adjustable top mounts

Custom Whiteline front and rear drop links

Vibra-technics race engine mount

SPC RCA's (upper and lower)

Whiteline 20mm RARB

OMP upper front brace

OMP lower front brace

Cabrio braces

Powerflex Black series gearbox bushes

Powerflex black series lower engine bushes (large and small)

Whiteline offset caster front arm rear bushes

R56 rear trailing arms powder coated red with conical washers to suit the R53 coilovers

Black series powerflex trailing arm bushes

Powerflex yellow rear top mount bushes (for now, may get changed for pillowball depending on what ohlins say)

Powerflex purple ARB bushes


Magline super 8 alloys powder coated in some mental yellow/green colour BFgoodrich G-force T/A front tyres and YOKO A032R rears, also have 4 X YOKO A048's ready to be fitted

AP Racing 4 pot callipers, 330mm AP Racing vented and grooved discs and mintex 1144 pads

R56 JCW standard rear brakes, R56 hand brake cables

Goodrich brakes hoses every corner

Stud conversion on every corner

TPI 15mm spacers on every corner


Full JCW aerokit fully colour coded inc. arches

R56 challenge diffusers

R56 flat floors

Black fuel cap

Tinted 3rd brake light

Tinted fog light

Clear indicator rear lights

Rear wiper delete

De-chrome beltline


AIM MXL Pista digital dash system

Innovate AFR gauge

Phormula KS3 knock box

Interior strip wanting to remove as much as i can, no door cards, no rear panels, no centre clock, but will leave the dash top in.

Battery box delete moved into the boot, may get moved again


2 1/2" manifold back exhaust,

bespoke FMIC direct from the top of the SC and from the inlet, no horns included using a dump valve system instead of the standard/modded recirc valve

2 X bucket seats


Rebuild engine fully

Engine mapping (maybe vipec still in talks with will pedley)

Install AIM dash

A few pics as I’ve been going along:


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Driving pics, i look younger in this one! Thats why it's in here! :)]

Time to go shopping in Monica with the back seats folded down for 5-2ftX3ft & 1-2ftX2ft Paving flags, SHE was LOW!!!!! haha


After finding out my wheel nuts weren't in properly i decided the Hubcentric spacers and longer wheel bolts were a must NOW! so i ordered some Friday afternoon and here they were on tuesday morning and fitted within an hour of receiving them, looks alot better :) but think i could go out another 10mm at the rear at least and further with abit of cutting back :)



15MM Hubcentric Spacers:


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Updates on the Interior:

since wednesday i have been soooooo busy!! i will explain all below:

So on wednesday i went and helped chris and the guys down at JLMINIS (WURKS) as its going to be called (but you didn't hear that from me :) ) as they are a man or 2 down.

i had a great day, stripped a R53 cooper engine completely, changed discs and pads on a cooper, test drove a few cars for them, reinstalled a gearbox into a cooper s and rebuilt the front end plus more. I had an awesome day! loved it and cant wait until next week so i can get some more time in :)

after we had finished the main jobs for the day (around 8pm) i got a chance to get my car on the ramp to chase down a few things that were not quite right. so first one wheel speed sensor. took an age to get it out we ended up having to pull the drive shaft out of the hub and tap it out from the bottom! :/

second job was to check out all the bushes, i can confirm my car is in very good condition underneath but both front arm bushes could do with being replaced so I've decided to fully bush the car just incase :) this will be done as soon as I've got my coilovers in hand and my R56 rear arms etc for my brakes back from the powder coaters. my theory being if I'm going to strip everything to bush it i might aswell collect everything I'm going to change so i don't need to remove them again once I've bushed it :)

I'm hoping we can Fully bush the car aswell as fit coil overs, adjustable drop links, adjustable RCA's and FCA's, R56 rear Hub, R56 rear axle, Sump gasket, Lower strut brace. i think thats it? might have forgotten something but you get the just!

and that was me done, or i thought it was!! chris was checking my car over for me and as i was bringing it down on the ramp, he investigated it further and it was due to the smaller intercooler boot being slightly folding in on itself, or so we thought. we got the boot off immediately and proceeded to change it out, chris removed the intercooler so we could check for any other leaks and i noticed immediately that the small oval on the intercooler was dented!! he told me it needed changing as i would be loosing boost so off we went and changed the intercooler and the smaller boot.

With everything reinstalled i lowered the car down and we plugged her in and cleared all the faults. off i went for a test drive and Monica was and is running like a dream again. :) So off i went home at 11:30pm.

Thursday alarm ringing in my ear at 5:30 as i needed to be in donny for 7 to pick up a few little bits from NORTHERNER.

got a few in motion pics on the journey back:

so with my new parts collected i dropped the rear bumper and side skirts off at the paintshop, the rest went into my cellar. off to WURKS it is. got there and picked up 4 R56 rear control arms, 2 R56 rear hubs, and finally 2 R56 rear arch trims. off to the powder coaters i went, dropped everything but the arch trims off to be powder coated.

Friday (8am) a few new bits to be fitted to the car and a few jobs i wanted doing as i had a free day;
1st job change the wheel nuts from silver to black
2nd job paint the disc while the wheel is off on each corner.
3rd job remover and paint the headlight ring and washer covers
4th job remover and tint 3rd brake light and fog light (slightly)
5th job paint and fit wing mirror covers (courtesy of NORTHERNER)
6th job remove tail pipe trims and clean and polish them
7th job decide where to refit JCW badge and refit it
8th job mask 1/2 the car up and paint the door handles


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Monica the Slag

Now for a few up to date pics:



Rota RB's with R888's
4xyoko track tyres
Adj RCA's
Adj drop links all round
R56 rear brakes
R56 Aero rear bumper (all parts are in hand just need to make it)
Engine mount
Mocal oil Catch can
Forge header tank
Knock box and sensor


Full poly bush kit
Tint the windows
GP Spoiler or oranje and cooper spoilers
Ajustable Top mounts
Front Lower Brace
Rear Brace
Harness Brace
Mid chassis Brace
Oil cooler
de-crome and joey mod front and rear clusters (in need of a heat gun :/ anyone got one i can utilise for a day or so in the stockport manchester area?)
Black roof
Black Scoop
Black stickers in fog lights on R53 Aero bumper
Tint Rear clusters
20mm AND 25mm Hubcentric Wheel Spacers

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You swapped sat nav for Chrono? Hard to do? I fancy doing it the other way!

Sounds like it's going to be mega!

What at does it feel like on 18's compared to the 17's?

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You have 11 r105 alloys? and also what the hell is going on with that rear wheel tucking like that, is the shock fucked or something?

Otherwise good progress!

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Am I right in thinking there's an R56 bumper going on a 53 here? Excited to see this if I'm right.

Scott's (Maverick) looks absolutely incredible in the metal, and Indi Blue is my favourite colour, so this should be drool-worthy. :drool:

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Am I right in thinking there's an R56 bumper going on a 53 here? Excited to see this if I'm right.

Scott's (Maverick) looks absolutely incredible in the metal, and Indi Blue is my favourite colour, so this should be drool-worthy. :drool:
Yes! I can confirm you read it correctly i have 99% of the parts required to install a R56 rear bumper with diffusers onto my R53.

Clear enough mate? :)

*******Im still after both R56 rear arch trims!*******

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Lookin' real good man. I've got a hyper blue one myself, love it.
Thanks great to get feedback :) best colour IMO

Looked better on the bullets IMO but things have started well
Each to their own and all that. Thanks for the feedback

You have 11 r105 alloys? and also what the hell is going on with that rear wheel tucking like that, is the shock fucked or something?

Otherwise good progress!
Yes 11!!! Lol the tuck was because of the ton of paving flags i had in the car at the time. Thanks for the feedback.

Looking really good, a big change from when you got it!
Ive only had it 2 months! Haha and lots more to come. Thanks for the feedback.

Some excellent work going on in here :)
Cheers mate, thanks for the feedback.

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R53 aero with cut outs will be first while i make the R56 fit :) been chatting to a few peeps and it will be very similar to mavericks but with a few differences as we think it might be easier. we will soon see. i want it on by the end of next month.
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