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For those that know, I've had the pleasure of owning one of my dream cars for the last two years - an E39 M5.



It's a phenomenal machine and I've wanted one ever since I saw Alex Roy's Team Polizei car on Gumball many years ago.

Long and short, the M5 was my daily and I bought a rough-around-the-edges one for this purpose. Fast forward two years, I was faced with a rather large bill to sort out the corroded sills and other parts. A mechanically-capable friend stepped in and offered to swap me his perfectly working car in exchange for taking a punt on the M5.

The R50 engine swap is going well, but progress is slow. The engine is in, we just need a bit more daylight and we should have everything sorted!

Which brings me here today...



I am now the owner of a 2007 R56 Cooper S! This car will be my daily driver until the project is rolling, and will also give me something with FWD and a bit of ground clearance for winter - so no coilovers...(although I did find some APs in my sister's garage just last month ?)

There were a few things which I didn't like, and I've spent a few quid tidying it up.

  • New Reg Plates
  • Chrome Tipped Indicator Bulbs
  • LED Sidelight Bulbs
  • Blacked Out Headlight Rings
  • Replaced Exhaust Rubbers
  • JCW Leather and Alcantara Steering Wheel
I've also had some Michelin Pilot Super Sport tyres (205/45/17) delivered and will be fitting them to my OZ Ultraleggeras that I have on my R50, once they have been refurbished. I will be running these on the R56 until the R50 is back on the road. Far from winter tyres, but certainly an improvement over the no-name ditchfinders currently fitted to the Crown Spokes.





I'm trying so hard to not let this thing become a money pit... I'm sure there'll be more to come soon ?
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