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The new exhaust is ready! It’s my first time welding tig with stainless. The beads aren’t good looking but they hold, which was all I cared.

I choose the complete resonated option with one 450mmx120mm middle section and one 250x300mm final section both in 3“ straight through without chambers.

The exhaust manages to keep noise levels at the legal level for a JCW at 91-92 decibel.

Some old/new pictures and my beautiful AliExpress exhaust tips.

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I'm interested to hear how you get on with the new coil packs. I'm having issues with a weak spark under high load conditions. I found the Bosch coils to be much stronger than the Delphi ones they replaced but could do with something with a bit more spark energy so I don't have to gap down the plugs.

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