Mini One R56 F-series retrofit/transplant

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Hello all, new to the forum and pretty new to Mini ownership. Picked up a good spec '09 Mini One last year with sub-53k mileage that we couldn't pass up and it's now my wife's pride and joy. But being an '09 it's showing some age and could do with a few Quality of Life tweaks so looking to see what I can upgrade in terms of functionality and after a lot of digging and dealing with Mini Part departments who won't give me the time of day I've come here for some advice.

Currently the centre speedo is the stock guage with the radio controls embedded; I've bought the upgraded ring speedo from the nav version with a view to fitting something aftermarket in that gap but it's a very odd size. My alternative is to possibly remove the tacho and replace it with the F-series combined tacho/speedo/fuel gauge but I have no idea if they're compatible. Any help would be appreciated and if it does t seem possible I'll probably look to document a Raspberry Pi build with a 5.5" screen that does fit the gap in the Nav ring speedo. If anyone has any wisdom they can share on what's compatible with the R56 from the F-series it would be appreciated.
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I guess anythings possible with the funds and know-how but will be quite a mean feat. The F series cars are architectually completely different so getting anything F series working in an R56 will be nigh on impossible i expect.
Urgh, thanks @pipsyp that was the response I was dreading but also expecting, I had a feeling it was going to involve a lot of work if it was even possible. I was beginning to consider whether it might go down the route of needing pin-out diagrams similar to hacking into ECUs and while I might have a go at some point out of morbid curiousity I think I'll have to just stick with the stock tacho and embark on a Pi project for an infotainment system.

As a follow-up, do you know if the digital speedometer display on the tacho is tied into the centre speedo? I.e. would the digital display still work if the main speedo was removed, or do we think it might piggyback off that?

Ty for the response either way!
No worries at all, don't know for certain but I imagine there is a dependency
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