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Just got the stand letter through from Santa Pod for 2014.

I thought I'd better organise a stand for us so we've got somewhere to go this year.

The bad news is there has been a Ticket Price increase of £2 for club tickets this year.

I'll need to work out postage and paypal costs etc but I think we're looking at £10 per driver and £12 per passenger all to land on your doorstep.

As soon as I work out how I'm going to keep track of payments and postage details, I'll post up here.

Rather than leave it last minute, I'll be looking to book the first 20 cars onto the stand as early as possible and then book any further tickets that are paid for at the end of each month. So if you know you're going, get paid up!

Santa Pod are notoriously late at sending out club tickets - but I will attempt to get everything out as soon as it lands.

A few of us are looking to either camp or get a Hotel the night before, so I'll shop around for some hotel deals or if anyone knows of any apartments we could rent for the night locally - pipe up! Advance camping is just £5 and pod put entertainment on the night before.

We had a FANTASTIC turnout last year, the weather was on our side and we easily had the best cars at the event. Lets make it another one to remember.

So.. for your information..

What is Mini in the Park?

How did we do MiTP last year?

1 - 20 of 170 Posts
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