M62 does work

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I finally found a German guy that had put a Cobalt/Saturn M62 on a R53, GP1 actually, and got a good tune with it. He posted up up a video and the power gains, 311 ps, are quite good when one considers how cheap they can now be purchased here in the US. Cheap enough that within the last week five more have been shipped over the Atlantic to join four that I sent over a couple months ago. In a couple of months there should be more dyno data out there with both stock and BVH heads.

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The Mercedes M62 was a 3rd generation unit and I don't know what the suggested rev limit was. Magnuson had a Mp62 that used 4th generation Eaton rotors and posted a 14000 rev limit where the Cobalt/Saturn M62 that GM used was a 5th generation unit with longer rotor tails and needle bearing similar to what the TVS chargers have. The Cobalt/Saturn M62 was said to have a 16000 rev limit and they also had powder coated rotors. DDM used the Mp62 on their 2007 effort trying to produce a kit for the R53.

I know of two guys currently working on a M62 kit that will use a BVH and a 15 or 17% M45 pulley. One has a FMIC and the other will use water/meth. I also know of two other guys that will be using the M62 with a ported head. All four will be tracking their cars.

I just bought another good used M62 from a recycle yard for $250 and from what I have learned with both my M62 kit and now my Lysholm/Whipple 1200AX I can make a discharge horn adapter plate, a rear bracket and a adapter plate that can be used with the oem black intake duct for less than $100.
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A guy in Cyprus has spent the time to do a mock up and has designed an intake duct that will connect the throttle body to the M62 intake end. Put on a BMW 03-07 760i throttle body with a larger butterfly and you get even more power.

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Heat and lack of support are two reasons any other is 90% or more are used and the only real Rebuildable part of the m62 is to replace the bearings. If the case or rotors are damaged it’s a Dunn unit
Hmm heat like what a TVS produces? The below graph was prepared by Harrop's and for the Yanks that 197.5 works out to 387 degrees. A TVS kit is $3300 US and yes it carries a warranty. You want to spend your money on it, no problem. The Cobalt M62 is an older generation Eaton and majority you find are going to be used although there were some Dealer Stock units that sold a couple months ago for around $900 US. I recently bought a spare for $250 that had 80k miles on it but sold it as I found another spare with only 30k miles for $250 US, I will be able to sell the pulley case gearbox, the bpv actuator and the throttle body to the Cobalt guys for a couple of hundred dollars.

So Bixby or Scott or whatever you name is, spend your money the way you want and let others decide how much money they want to spend on a car more than 14 years old . . . .

Rectangle Slope Plot Font Parallel

Gas Auto part Automotive wheel system Composite material Engineering
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Figures do look great, very Sprintex-like. Would be nice to see the power curve. What other mods on the GP? And how much was it making with the M45?

Why does Jan and all the other reputable mini tuners hate the M62 so much? I get it that there are better options (TVS 900 comes to mind), but there must be some other drawbacks than just their profit margins..?
Why do some tuners not like the M62? Of course it has nothing do to with the fact that Jan sells the TVS and ByteTronik sells the Sprintex does it?
300 PS on a Sprintex is not bad at all.

I know of about 12 M62 out there being fitting to R53 since the first of the year. I wonder how many TVS900 kits have been sold in that same duration?
Hmm how many TVS900's have been sold in the past 3 months . . . . .
Jan just crawl back under your rock. The days of the Gen1 Mini being a revolutionary new car are long over. Most Euros today don't know who you are and many that do don't care. What any of this has to do with using a used supercharger to get some power I have no idea but then your business model is to call anybody that does not agree with you or buy your stuff a dumb bastard and any business that competes with you losers or morons. Only you know how and what to do with a R53 to make power. As you did crawl out under your rock those buying the Cobalt/Saturn M62 must be cutting into to your profits as they will also not have you doing any tunes.
My engine did not blow, sorry.
well damn all I did was answer a guys question as to why most tuners don’t like the m62 . Heat and lack of support. I never brought up cost because the tuner wouldn’t care about what you paid for your stuff plus what tuner wants to work with outdated parts . I would think most tuners would want to get the most out of the cars they have there name tided too . Both in Performance and longevity . Now if a car owner is willing to lose a bit of performance in the name of budget that’s fully understandable. To claim it just as good or to say it’s just about the same isn’t true.
Yep its Scott.
100% the sleeve cracked and the head gasket went
it's a shit sleeve job. You know it, and the world knows it

why have the greeks been posting endlessly on instagram about their """""FIXES""""" roflmao
hell, if you morons were smart enough to actually look at all my pictures I showed you how to do it correctly but you are all so fucking arrogant that you think you know better.

These same morons trying it are the same ones that said they didn't need sleeved back in 06 when I did it the 1st time. Hell dumper even was just a couple yrs ago saying you could go out to 81mm without even sleeving it. Until Alejandro who designed the engine told him he was crazy....... these are the buffoons you listen to.....

step back and take a breath, you might actually learn something here if you can get over your thin skin.
You ban everyone who has a different opinion and then say to everyone you are here to help them. Help them blow their motors?

Biden would be proud of your nonsense
You are a troll that offers nothing of use. One of your biggest Fanbois over here got tired of your antics and had somebody else do his tune. Go take your meds.
Oh add two more M62 going over the pond.
I have a friend that is a mechanic in France. He asked me if I could find him a decent low priced Cobalt M62 and I found one yesterday for $85 US. I will be sending that over to him in the next couple of days. For the "over the pond" group I know a Devils fan in Manchester that has three Cobalt M62s he is making kits up for and then a guy in Pittsburgh USA that specializes in rebuilding them. He has shipped a few for Opel Speedsters but of late has been shipping either good used or his rebuilt units over the pond. Anybody interested, send me a PM I can get you more information. Currently I am fabricating a kit for a MP62 that a friend asked me to get involved in. These units were used on the Lotus Elise but they are 4th Generation Eatons not 5th like the Cobalts. He bought it from a guy that had it laying around for years. It was never run on a car and is like brand new.

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You want big horsepower with the Tritec you need a BVH and a larger supercharger or you go turbo on the stock head but both are good chunks of money. You want some low end torque on a budget, get a used Cobalt M62. Put in at least 380 injectors (in the States we can find Bosch 550s for approximately $160) and tune from the guy in Romania. Want a little more, find a used water/meth kit (I made my own for less than $350 US). Forget the pulley, larger intercooler/fmic and cold air intake. How much you drive around on the street at 6-7000 rpms for any duration?
Any thread that wakes up Jan just resorts to this sort of posting from him

I'm actually pleased to see 'cheap' progress on R53's now, the cars are mostly worth the square root of sod all so seeing M62s being fitted for peanuts for a reasonable power hike is fitting with where most of the cars are in their life cycle. Big money builds still happen which is fine, but Jan can't differentiate between people modding with a budget in mind and pseudo race car builds
I don't think Jan cares diddly about forums anymore. The only reason he posted here was because his Fanboi Bixby/Scott told him.
Sorry but I have assumed that most that still visit forums have enough sense to know that; 1.) The M62s are as old as many R53s that means they have no warranty, 2.) That if you can buy one for $250 you are not going to get a whole lot of support from anybody, and, 3.) That a supercharger you can buy for $250 is probably not as good as one that costs $3300 or more? Correct?

Only God knows how much more business Revolution Mini Works that later became Revolution Motor Works would have had over the years if the proprietor was not such an asshole, do Brits say arsehole? I am sure he will post some stupid shit about my intelligence but I have pushed the "ignore" button so I do get to see the rantings of a one time important individual in the MINI market that has been rendered almost irrelevant by the passage of time.
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I'm a dumb bastard so none of this means shit,

1.) I figured out how to mount a rebuilt Cobalt SS/Saturn Redline M62, which I bought for $300 US from a guy in Pittsburgh, The M45 pulley gear case bolts to the M62 case without any modifications.

Motor vehicle Vehicle Automotive air manifold Automotive fuel system Auto part

2.) I modified the existing black intake duct so it would fit on the M62.

Motor vehicle Automotive fuel system Automotive exterior Automotive exhaust Auto part

3.) Played around with the belt tensioner and ended up shortening the tensioner spring to provide approximately 10% more tension on the belt. I made up a spacer so that the overall dimension was the same.

Household hardware Gas Metal Automotive tire Auto part

4.) Did logging with two different size pulleys; 65,5 (stock S) and 61. I was pushing 1.24 bars of boost through my ported/intermediate valve head with the 61 and below are some IATs.

Rectangle Slope Font Line Plot

5.) Without an electric water pump, I can make a kit up for less than 300 GBP.

It might not be the prettiest damn thing and drove it over 24000 km with not one problem. But I am just a dumb bastard so what can somebody with brains be able to do?
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For the brown noses and those that have not actually installed a different supercharger that is specifically made for a R53, I want to point a few things out, 1.) DDM created a R53 kit back in 2007 with a MP62. They posted some pictures that you can find but there were no specific details on how it attached to the Tritec engine. It was not until I bought the DDM prototype after it sat on a shelf for 12 years and discovered that it used the MINI M45 pulley gear case. 2.) The Cobalt/Saturn M62 is a true Eaton where the MP62 is a Magnuson, The cases are different so what worked for DDM other than the M45 pulley gear case did not work for me. Me the dumb bastard had to figure out where to cut the case, mount the horn to the discharge deck and as the intake port on the M62 is in a different place than the MP62 create/fabricate the intake duct. 3.) There was no information on belt slippage or how too address it. 4.) There was no log data that you could pull up,

I am also a dumb bastard because I have dumped a fair amount of money in my R53 albeit not as much as some others. So for the even dumber bastards that have spent a whole lot more than me, I made this up I while back. It takes no brains to figure out why Jan pisses on the M62. The below numbers do not include a cam, head gasket or labor as those values would be similar for either.

So the square root of what sod is worth plus the numbers below and you are underwater big time . . . .

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Thank you Mr. Brown Nose for pointing out so many great facts that I am sure those you consider dumb bastards cannot figure out themselves, that being the M62 is a good bang for buck mod for the guy with a 15 year or older that is worth the square root of sod.

Hmmm package prices yes but why didn't you provide some costs from the Arsehole? While at that, list all the Arsehole goodies you got on your car as if with the square root cost of sod and even the "alternative" prices puts a person underwater than with what you have spent, you are down there with the Titanic. I am sure shortly either you or the Arsehole will remind everybody how many races the cars with his parts won. Why he is a legend in his own mind and a god to the ever dwindling numbers of Fanbois that follow him.

Got to love the "ignore button" as Mr. Brown Nose will now join the Arsehole as well. On the Arsehole, I have heard some comments from folks on the west side of the pond that it is so great that the Arsehole cannot help them solve some of their problems with the stuff he sells but can take the time to make some posts on an east side of the pond forum.
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Another M62 is being sent over the pond, this time to Sarthe. On this side of the pond I am working on getting a friend's MP62 fitted. I have the original JCW engine out of my car, replaced with a Thumper built one, so I use it for my mock up.

Tire Wheel Car Sky Vehicle


I work out of my garage with common tools. This stuff is not rocket science and being able use the M45 pulley gear case makes alignment really easy. No rotors in the case as I have the gear case shimmed out with a piece of wood that I machined. With 9mm shims the supercharger fits without any modifications to the engine block, The MP62 intake is more in plane with the rotor shaft centerline that is different on both the MINI M45 and the Cobalt M62 where the intake is below the rotor centerline.
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