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Here we go then, first a bit about me.
I started working at BMW MINI Stephen James Enfield in 2003 when I was 16, got to BMW tech status then was made redundant in April 2009, since then I've moved onto better things. I now work at a trimmers called Btrim in Enfield, much prefer the work, much cleaner and more interesting.
I've always been into cars and modding and collected Max Power, Fast Car, Revs and Redline since the age of about 12! Just MM and the odd Redline now.
I bought my first car when I was 18, a black corsa c 1.2 sxi which I modded a fair bit, fav mod was r90 rims and Steimetz grill.
I first really got into minis after a ride in a convertable r53, the handling, speed and noise got me hooked! When I hit 21 I did a quote on an S for a laugh and was surprised that the quote wasn't much more than I was paying on the corsa. I saw my car on the dealer network site and got it on the transporter from Bromley on the Friday night, took it for a test drive Sat morning and have been driving it ever since!

My 54 plate, prefacelift S as it stands,
JCW Head
JCW backbox with straight through center section
Alta 15% supercharger pulley
Alta Intercooler couplers
Alta airbox to throttle body pipe - left from the V2 induction kit I had before
MSD pack and leads
ARP Head bolts
GP Head gasket
GRS non-motorsport Intercooler
Janspeed manifold and sport cat
Custom live map

R53 JCW brake kit + rear pads
Goodridge Braided hoses

Meister Europa R coilovers
Convertable Engine braces
OMP Lower brace

17x7.5 Rota RB in silver with Toyo Proxes in 215/40
FK 5mm spacers all round
OEM Gloss Black R99 wheels on Runflats

Pure Silver body and side repeater S's
Gloss Black roof, headlight rings, bonnet scoop, side repeater grills, handles, petrol flap, tailgate handle, belt line, badges front and rear
Full Aero kit
Colour codes arches
M7 Front splitter
Custom Scuttle scoop
Matt black fog light surrounds
Limo Black tinting film over front indicator/sidelight housing
Front indicators relocated to fog light housing
de-badged 'Cooper S' badge
Chrome in rear lights painted Gloss Black
Rear Wiper delete
JP Wing
Grey on white honeycomb aero rear bumper inserts
AC Schnitzer Exhaust tailpipe
Number plate holders with custom lettering
Tinted windows
Smoothed Cooper S front bumper {Indicator and grill} with matt black de-textured side and lower arch/valance.

JCW Alcantara Steering wheel
JCW Shift light Indicator
Alcantara steering wheel inserts
'MINI' logo floor mats
MINI armrest
Standard half leather seats
Rear seats removed
Gloss Black tax disc holder

Alpine ipod/usb headunit
Alpine type S front componant speakers
Impulse 8" under seat compact sub with two amps, one for the sub and one running front speakers, mounted in boot
Front tweaters mounted in tops of A-pillar trims
High spec wiring used thoughout
Sound deadening in front doors

Thats the car as it is now, and this is the progression from standard,

Car in standard form in back or show room car park

First mod about a week after first getting the car, JCW backbox, r56 S tailpipes and armrest

Was offered a set of R99s at scrap metal price due to corrosion, they are a warranty throw back, wasn't going to say no. Rubbed them down to bare metal and had them sprayed Gloss Black

Next up was the Aero kit and colour coded arches, gloss black bonnet scoop, de-chromed rear lights and belt line. Got the headlights swapped for facelift ones to.

a few hours later...

It was at this point I knew that I wanted to dechrome the car and I knew what style I was going for, clean and classy.

Fitted a couple of e90 LED number plate lights, nice touch and they match the xenons perfectly

Dechroming was in full swing, gloss black handles, petrol flap and side repeater grills. Painted the S's pure silver

Got some number plate holders from M-style and had the lettering done by local sign writters Unique Auto Design. I like these a lot, they went with the theme of the car well

I experimented with some e92 tailpipes before going with the AC Schnitzer pipe. Its an e36 item modded to fit

I saw Neil Diplock's yellow S in MM with the smoothed bumper and decided to make one, found a spare bumper kicking around and got cracking. This took quite long, the fibre glass kept sinking while baking, result, don't bake. Came out pucker in the end

^one of my fav pics

Used the bumper at Brands

Got Unique to make me a small plate

Had the car dynoed with the backbox, 160.1hp @ 7000rpm and max 133.8 ft-lb. Time to make some more power

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I picked up a GRS from [email protected], MSD coils and leads from WHITEY and an ATLA V2 from someone {can't remember who}. Made a cover for the filter

When I fitted the induction kit I noticed the massive space behind the airbox and thought about a scoop that fed in cold air from the scuttle, so I made one

Fuck knows if it has any effect but I think it looks cool, half the people that look around the car don't even notice it - I like that.

And thats how the engine and body stayed for about 7months, then I got a 15% pulley, uprated plugs and intercooler couplers from Lohen, janspeed mainfold and sports cat from Northener, an oil catch tank from Gav the carbon guy, a JCW head, JCW brakes, JCW injectors from Supermario, braided lines and fitted the lot in a couple of days

I've got pics of the head somewhere, i'll edit later

So I fitted all the engine stuff and headed up to Viezu Technologies in Brum after a mate recomended them, got desent enough power out of it, but should of really gone to 1320 for a mynes {got it mapped before I even knew about 1320}. I got [email protected] and 171.3ft-lbs. Engine hp 204.6 and 188.5 ft.lbs.

Did the joey mod next

And then the car had the feature in MM. I was pretty pleased I got it featured, but after going around with the same looking for a while I was getting board. Needed a new style. It was about this time when I started posting on here properly, think it was last July or something.
Photoshoot pics

So I needed a new look, I have always liked the euro look and cali cruiser style so thought I could maybe mix the two and add a little racer in there to.
I saw the Meister group deal and put my name down, thats stance sorted. Rims, I wanted silver, I ve always had black rims on my cars so wanted a change, the Rota rims are a good make and ive known about them since my max power days, the RBs had exactly what I was looking for, street cruiser with the lip and retro with the spokes, rims done. The spiltter and JP wing add to the racer/mean look and complement eachother soo well. The dewipered rear helps clean up the rear, although I didn't like the idea at first, as you still see the semi circle of the window tint, but it doesn't catch your eye quite as much as I thought it would.

I fitted the wing the other week, i've modded the end plates slightly from Aussies original. The center section is wrapped in satin matt

After I did something funny but stupid over this xmas I needed to get new headlights, picked up a prefacelift set from Chris Lamb. I experimented with yellow flyeyes to

These looked sick but didn't let the light through enough, so Ive got some Lamin x to try out

I fitted the coils this Saturday, didn't take long and pretty pain free

Now I had the stance, but the ride with the runflats was just fucked, no other word for it, even domed out my top mount again! So Monday I swapped them for the RBs and 5mm spacers all round, and this was my car yesterday

Then I cleaned it

I fitted a flush valve fit with the wheels, much cleaner

I've got some R56 JCWs to go on but going to wait till my R53 JCW wear out before I fit them. Also got the yellow lamin x to try out at the weekend. And I ordered the Eibach rear control arm kit from Coastal today, great deal at the mo! So going to get it tracked soon.

So thats it folks, from bog standard, through two phases and still getting tweeked around. I would of started a project thread sooner, but with mega wheel gap I just wanted to wait till I get my lows on.
Thanks for viewing

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Looks awesome, love the tail pipe idea i would never of thought of that. I do prefer the smoothed off bumper to the aero though
I'm going to cc the smoothed arches on it i think.
Don't know how well it will go with the RBs though

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Its a great project dude, I love it.

If it was mine i'd CC the black bits though, blackout is a bit 2009 for me. A cooper gas cap would look good too. As said on tm your scuttle scoop would have a negative impact on performance if anything. Shaved aero bumper and scuttle pannels would be nice too.

As said though thats just what i'd do and i love it as it is but I like to give my input :laugh:

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Its a great project dude, I love it.

If it was mine i'd CC the black bits though, blackout is a bit 2009 for me. A cooper gas cap would look good too. As said on tm your scuttle scoop would have a negative impact on performance if anything. Shaved aero bumper and scuttle pannels would be nice too.

As said though thats just what i'd do and i love it as it is but I like to give my input :laugh:

Cheers mate. Yea I know you like your input lol

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Cheers dude. I'll be the first to say it's not to everyones liking, but I'm def more than happy with it. It's still no where near finished yet, still loads if still to do. LSD, 5gen sc and Newman to name a few.
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