Looking to build a bullet

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Im pretty new to this mini cooper s world and forums if im being honest so apologies in advance if im after making a total mess of this. I have no real experience in them either but so far since i bought the car i cant see myself driving anything else for at least another 10 years. Anyway, more to the point. Im hoping to push for about 250bhp by the time im done. So far ive had an issue with the heater matrix and timing chain tensioner (turns out i need new rails and chain too) bo*lox! Besides that so far so good.

Any help would be appreciated in the following areas;

1) Brakes; What would be the best set up for discs and pads? Ive heard Jcw r53 kit?

2) Intercooler; anyone have any feedback on GP, airtech, or GRS?

3) Exhaust; which ones do people find the best?

Thanks in advance!
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1) R56 S brakes work good and don't break the bank
2) GP first (very expensive), GRS second
3) Don't hurry to change the stock exhaust if there is no serious reason, instead get a nice exhaust manifold, it offers true performance gains and prevents high EGTs especially with a supercharger pulley

Feel free to contact me for the 2 and 3
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I have my eye on Koni Fsd's. Heard theyre best? Coilovers will come after engine mods
No point in making the car fast if it handles like a wooden cart.
1) engine health check (leakdown & compression tests) with dyno run
2) orranje stealth air box, 17% pulley, janspeed manifold, GRS Motorsport or airtec intercooler
3) cams - option one is a Newman ph2 with a set of 380cc injectors. £200 for cam & approx £50 for injectors then you have fitting on top. Should take you to approx 235/240bhp. Can be run without a remap, but will leave some power untapped. Second option is a 1320 cam package = cat cam, 550cc injectors and byte tronic tune. £1300 is daft money imop but customers say it transforms the car and allows the limiter to be raised to 7300rpm. Gives 250bhp

After that I'd be looking at a set if r56 brakes (keep eye on f/s on here) and for coilovers I'd look at BC's/KW/bilstein/ST
AP are a good budget road only option at £415. The about are £700 plus
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Brakes, as said above R56 S brakes are a good upgrade and won't break the bank. I've had them before and was happy. However I'm now using R56 JCW 4 Pot Brembos, and I wouldn't go back.

Intercooler, I've only used the OEM and GRS myself, so can't comment much. The GRS made a difference when pressing on. Tempted to try a charge cooler myself this time, although it may be over kill.

I have only used a Fletcher aftermarket exhaust, and couldn't ask for anything more to be honest. It looks great and seems great quality. And it sounds awesome, the pops are great.

You will be told to get coilovers on here, and it's something I'm doing myself as I want to improve the handling further. But it's definitely not number one on the list for an R53.
They handle well enough from the box for a bit of fun in my opinion. Brakes, brakes, brakes first every time!

From my personal experience with owning four first gen Cooper Ss, I'd get your front wishbone rear bushes replaced as soon as too, as the standard ones will be worn, and it really improves the handling of you have worn ones.
I'd change the expansion tank, unless it's been done as they always seem to go. I always get any car I've bought checked over for peace of mind.

The power you want is achievable but you'll have to spend a fair chunk...
The car can be enjoyed plenty with a proper handling and brake set up, and just a few mods to increase power like pulley, intercooler, CAI and manifold...

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Cheers for the feedback. Browser Much appreciated! looking to cams etc after i get the 15% pully (recommended by a specialist) air box (dave f?) new plugs and GRS IC. Alan ill be on the lookout for brakes. Original are poor!! Ive had front bushings done (MYLE hds). Expansion tank was replaced already so all good! compression test done too and all checked out. If anyone had recommendations for ECU fire away!

Garage im using is getting them from norway if i can recall correctly not sure of the make.

Thanks again for the feedback!
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