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My name is Tom and I am 19 and looking for my first Mini Cooper S.

Ideally a Gen 1 (54 to 56 plate) in either dark silver or black.

Looking for something which is as standard or has very few mods due to the insurance costs and I want to start from scratch.

Willing to pay anything up to the mark of £5,000 for the right car.

I live in Barwell (Leicestershire) so anyone local who is selling a Mini which matches what I'm looking for please get in contact with me on 07809774121.

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Welcome to MT Tom!

It's not standard, and I'm not sure how happy your insurers would be, but search the classifieds for (or send a PM to) Dave89 and his car for sale.

He's my best mate, he's owned the car for almost 3 years, and every one of the very few niggles it's had has been sorted through warranty.

For the age, it's THE lowest mileage and one of the best runners I've ever seen.

Just down the road near Milton Keynes too.

Good luck on your search!
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