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So I've lurked in the background here for a couple of years now and having just bagged myself a replacement for the R53 I thought id say hello again.
I'm loving the R55 but do find it a completely different beast to the R53, but I'm sure ill get used to it.
A couple of questions though? is it possible to keep the speed readout in the rev counter on the R55? every time I start the car it goes back to clock/temperature???:mads:
Also I find the steering bump response terrible, Its a fight to keep it in a straight line at the moment is this normal or do I need a geometry check doing???
Unfortunately the R53 has to go ( Id keep it but the wife says I cant! :thumbdown::blushing:) so you may see it for sale soon if the current taker bails.....
Anyway I hope to have this for a little while now as I am loving the extra space and the heated leather seat!!!

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