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Okay the car is nearly finished to were i want it to be,just the roof to maybe to spray the roof black,
Mini Cooper s,2004.
chili pack,
climate control,
Visibility pack,
Panoramic roof,
dave f,
grs motorsport black custom(white Lettering) top mount intercooler,
Modified bypass valve,
Schreck cam,
550 injectors,
janspeed tomcat,
Scopian cat back exhaust,
mynes tune,
GTT Twin bearing Idler Pulley,
gtt custom one off painted strut brace,
Rota blitz,17s
continental sport 3s,
3mm spacers
porshue turbo setup,348mm disc"s:thumbup1:
AP coilovers,(AMD full fast road set up), Highly recommended,
superflex uprated bushes,
jcw alacantra steering wheel,
Los,alacantra dash,
Loz, black quilted headliner with red stitching,
Loz,Alacantra black,A,B,and C Pillars,
Alcantra quilted door panels,
Alcantra quilted gear box,
Retrimed jcw steering wheel,
Loz, carpets,
Oem 5piece,jcw carbon dash,
Oem carbon,jcw gear knob,
Btrim bespoke red knappa and perforated leather seats,
Btrim bespoke perforated door cards,
Brim bespoke red leather and perforated one off armrest,
Tinted windows all round,
CC Areo kit,
Full DNA Correction detail,
Alta 4 inch stupy Aerial,
CC joeyed xenon's front lights,
cc rear led lights,
Cc door handles,
Cc s vents,
Cc petrol cap,
De Badge cooper s badge,
Cc front fog lights,
Destriped belt-line,
3D carbon number plate's,
Last run on AMD dyno,207whp
Last run on 1320 dyno,206.5whp
Thx to
Lawrence(Lg Trimming) for all the Interior,
Jurgen(TDLC)Rota blitz rims,
Luke(sinnora)porshue brakes,
Dan,Carpon dash,
And Thx to
1320:thumbup1:GTT,torque Exhausts, Total dynamic,R.Teck, DNA detailers,AMD, LG trimmers,Lohans,Bmw Enfield,
For all your work, Advice,and parts,over the last 4 years,


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Much, much better Kyri. A black roof will complete your conversion to the Dark Side :thumbup1:

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How you finding the brakes kyri?look really good behind the Rotas
Have to say not had a chance to Fully test them out mate,but all I can say is you only have to touch the brake pedal to get stoping power,the brakes get more people Commenting on them then the car:lol:,glad I could do them justice with the Rota's,
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