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Karls W11 R50 Shitbox

Full spec on post #2


I've had the car for years. Since Feb 2006 I think it was. Bought it from my local Mini dealer in Peterborough.

Specs were:

2003 Cooper
Indy Blue, white roof and mirrors
Bonnet Stripes
36,000 miles
Chilli Pack
Viability Pack
Bits and bobs

I drove it standard for a couple of years, always in the mind that I would sell it and get something else when I could afford the insurance. Thing is, I grew very attached to it and couldn't bare the idea of parting ways.

First mod came in the form of a brand new JCW carbon dash from ebay. It totally transformed the inside of the car and was as happy as Larry.

After that I looked to the exterior. Decided that the sausage bumpers had to go. Jumped on ebay and found a standard S rear bumper from a chap about an hours drive away for about £75. When I went to fetch it, he had loads of stuff kicking around from his Mini that he had now sold. So I took the lot for £150 which included

Rear bumper
S side skirts
Haynes Manual
Front upper grill
Brand new floor mats
And loads of service parts/clips etc

Next came an S front bumper, S spoiler, ditched the spotlamps, and got hold of a nice beefier OEM exhaust tip.

Then I slapped in a Green Cotton cone filter and thought it sounded nuts!

Then I went a little crazy, pulled my rear seats out, made a seat delete panel to fill the hole and tinted my windows.

After that I set to work on changing the orange dash lights to a nice cool white. Took a while to get it right but was well worth the effort.

Next up were some new rims. Got a set of 17x7 TD 1.2s in High Power Silver, direct bore fitment, ET38 frosts and ET45 rears with some Yoko Spec 2 215/40 rubber. Again very happy.

Then I was thinking of lows. Got a set of delivery miles SS+ shocks from the bay, and some -35mm eibach springs to go with.

Clutch died, got a new one done locally, then the Midlands 'box-o-cheese started to die, very loudly. There was only one solution...

Six speed conversion
Janspeed Manifold w/ decat
Play Mini Catback
Front rear bushes
MeisterR Europas
SPC control arms
Smiles all round

But this didn't last long as some cunt faced little shit who I hope has now contracted some tropical and untreatable disease decided to re-decorate my car with his keys.

More to follow...

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Current Specs

(** planned/wanted)
(* got but not yet fitted/in progress)

Indy Blue R50 Cooper


W11 conversion (engine from 55 plate automatic)
Facelift teflon charger
15% Alta pully - will change to Kavs Lightweight
Pre-fl gearbox w/ standard clutch
Janspeed manifold with removable OEM cat
Playmini Cooper cat-back without center silencer
JCW airbox (de-flapped)
Challenge ECU
Aircon Removed
Polybushed all mounts
** Shortshifter
** GRS topmount
** Injectors
** Tune


Team Dynamics ProRace 1.2 17x7
ET38 rear
ET33 front (45 with 12mm TPI spacers)
Stud conversion
Yoko Spec 2 215/40 rubber
Polybushed front wishbones and ARB bushes
SS+ front ARB is staying, rear needs upgrading
MeisterR Europas
SPC lower control arms - love these
HEL brake lines all round
Front lower OMP brace - now bent to fuck
DIY rear/boot brace
R56S front calipers in white
Mintex M1144 front pads
Nirtac grooved front discs :D
ATE Superblue

* R56 master cylinder
* DIY rear adjustable drop links - I need to fit and test these before making some fronts for corner weighting
** Thicker 19/20mm adjustable rear ARB

I picked up front brakes and a complete rear axle from a binned R56 with 10k on it for £77 from ebay. Using these bits and a few mods I'm going to really sort out my brakes and suspension

* R56 trailing arms
* R56 trailing arm front bracket with poly support bushes
* R56 upper control arms powder coated red and poly bushed
* R56 rear beam
* R56 rear calipers fully rebuilt
** Rear discs and pads for R56 calipers
** R56 handbrake cables
** New R53 rear hubs

** Front upper strut brace
** Change to 215/45 rubber
** Possibly new track rod ends and ball joints
** Kavs roll center adjusters (16" version)


JCW carbon dashboard
White dash illumination
Red footwell lighting
Removed glovebox and knee bolster - replaced with shelfs
Totally stripped from front seats back - inc rear speakers etc
Colour coded speedo and rev counter rings
Matt black downtubes, vent rings, a pillars etc
Vibe Neo front speakers (light weight and make up for bass lost from removing rears)
Sony CDX GT450U head unit (plays off a USB drive so no more skipping due to stiff suspension)
CG lock <--- everyone should buy one of these
LED battery volts gauge
Alcantara hand brake and gear gaitors w/ grey stitching

** Water temp gauge
** Whalen or similar gear knob
** JCW carbon handbrake handle
** 3 spoke wheel
** Fixed buckets - to which I WILL fit heating elements
** Rear half cage with harness bar
** Harnesses


Cooper S OEM bumpers, skirts and spoiler
Facelift headlights, CC joey mod and rings + light smoke Lamin-X film
Full body respray (after being keyed all over), Indy Blue with Aspen White mirrors, roof and painted in stripes (blue over roof)
CC door and boot handles
CC aero grills
2500K Yellow Nokya fog bulbs + yellow Lamin-X
Light smoke Lamin-X side lights
3rd Brake light removed and smoothed
Radio ariel removed and smoothed
Rear wiper removed

* R52 clear 3rd break light in belt line
* Pre-FL rear lights with clear indicators - still to de-chrome and tint

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Click on the portrait symbol and choose from gallery on device or if your going off Flickr or Photobucket click settings and add image link.

Bad new re the keying mate, jealous little fuck should be strung up!!!

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So after the keying I took a trip to 355, my local friendly body shop who fixed me up with a lovely new S bonnet and did a full body re-spray (yes the stripes are painted in - haters will hate 'em, I fucking love 'em). Had the high level brake light removed and welded out, along with the rear badge holes and the ariel hole. I had some facelift lights kicking around that I had already dismantled to joey, so had the internals painted and also got some aero gills and had them cc'd.

The pic above is fairly recent. Dirty car though... Looks like its parked in a Ghetto don't it.

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Did you swap in an S engine? If not then its a w10 ;)

Love that blue.
No I didn't...

...the boys at Coastal Racing did it for me.

I completely arseholed my engine through of years of abuse. It blew a spark plug out while out on a drive. Got that helicoiled but it was drinking oil at about 1/2 litre a week and about that in water a day. How it had lasted as long as it did is surprising really as I didn't take much care of it. I guess I secretly wanted it to pop so I could justify a conversion to myself.

So after my trip to Coastal, under the bonnet stands at

Facelift teflon charger
15% Alta Pully
Air Con removed
JCW deflap air box
Challenge ECU

Its much more like the car I want now. Getting there anyway. A few other things have been added such as braces and uprated HELL lines etc.

In the shed there are some goodies I've been collecting to fit this summer including R56 front and rear S calipers (next job on list) which I am going to get reconditioned at Bigg Red, finished in red, probably Yellowstuff pads and undecided about discs.

Also in the shed is a complete R56 rear subframe with less than 10k on it. I'm just needing a uprated ARB to go on and sort out some adjustable endlinks and it can go on. I'm going to use my R50 rear brakes for now until I can afford to get the R56 ones off to Bigg Red.

Progress is slow as money is tight but I'm enjoying it still so I'm happy. Obviously loads of cash would be a lot more enjoyable lol.

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Great mods, I'd love to have my R50 at that point in a couple of years! How did you like it with just the 6-speed and Janspeed/Playmini-combo?

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Brand new set of these that I've had lying around for ages ;)

Plan is to de-chrome and light smoke the lenses with lamin-x

I love these lights. I hear they are pretty rare. When I got them I had to go to the stealers to check what stock exists. The right hand one is a finished line! There are no spares left. You can order them as a pair as a retrofit kit with a clear high level lamp too. Which is what I did, but ordered through BMMiniparts who are brilliant and local to me :thumbup:

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You're the second person I've heard of who's MINI has been keyed in the last 24 hours. WTF is wrong with people.

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looks awsome i use photo bucket on my iphone and upload them onto photobucket then copy image to minitorque at full res
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