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Ok, so this is my Mini Cooper. I bought it last month for 拢180 as the clutch had gone and she was a little tired. This is it as I bought it.


So the work started.
New clutch fitted (obviously).
Full service.
New Exhaust mounts fitted.
New brake lines back to front.
New rear discs and pads.
One new tire so all four corners match.
New drivers door modulator.
Replaced both door stays (brakes)
Replaced drivers seat with one without rips on the right hand side.
Fixed the passenger slide and tilt mech with bike cable.
New centre caps for wheels I did order matching wind mirror covers but stupidly I ordered them for the face lift mini and there to big.
Private plate (wife鈥檚)
A bloody good clean first using a fallout spray as the paintwork had metal filings imbedded in the paintwork.
So far I think it looking pretty sweet.
Please let me know your thoughts.


I鈥檓 looking for ideas to now as I want to start modding it or should it be left stock????

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My only problem with doing a dechrome are the bumpers as I haven鈥檛 a clue what to do about the chrome bits on them. Do you paint them? I don鈥檛 want the expense of buying new bumpers really.

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Not sure to be honest, although a set of S bumpers will be cheap enough, but you'll have to get them sorted to match the rest of the car.
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