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I've had two BMW's since I started driving (and al Alfa but we won't do into detail here), E30's touring and a E36 318iS. I still have the E30 touring which is a bit of a project I started about 9-10 years ago and has very much stalled. I had the E36 for almost 3 years, lovely car but it needed a few things before I was really happy with it, I also started to get a little bored of it being a little slow-ish. I started scrolling Donedeal (I'm in Ireland) and a R53 caught my eye, I eventually found the car below via a Facebook add and went to view it.

Few images from the advert:


And here it is when I brought it home with my E36 in the background

The below list are the jobs I've undertaken so far and those I'd like to do at some point. For the time being I'm mostly focused on general upkeep and maintenance, I have however undertaken some preventative maintenance as/when I do some jobs.

Work undertaken/additions etc to date:
  • Boot liner & Net + New floor mats - 03/2019
  • White mirror caps - 03/2019
  • CV Boot - 03/2019
  • Armrest - 04/2019
  • Supercharger service - 09/2019
  • Top Mounts incl reinforcement plates - 10/08/2019
  • Inner & outer Tie-rods - 03/01/2020
  • Chain tensioner - 08/2019
Planned work:
  • Timing Chain
  • Clutch
  • Suspension bushes
  • Driver side door replacement
  • Bootlid replacement (already have bootlid)
  • Refurbish R98 wheels
  • R56 Brake Upgrade (Maybe Brembo)
  • R56 Trailing Arms

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I've done a few jobs over the last year as more and more niggles come to light, it took me a good 2 months before I had time to properly give it a clean/wash after buying it.


I also picked up some very ropy R98 wheels in Sept which are in my shed until I can get them refurbished

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In september 2019 after noticing a slight rattle from the chain and started to amass the parts to do this and a few other jobs while I'm at it....

The following was done as part of the supercharger service and other jobs:

  • Supercharger service/oil
  • Cone filter and bracket to fit this inside the airbox
  • Rocker cover Bolts & Gasket
  • Silicone Intake boot and Snootboots
  • Small Horn Gasket
  • Lg Horn Gasket
  • Brass Bleed Screw
  • Waterpump
  • Spark Plugs
  • Hoses on the rad
  • Thermostat & Housing
  • Deflection / Guide Pulley and new belt
  • O-ring
  • Throttle body seal MINI
  • Coolant flush



My brothers clubby project looking on in horror...

Everything buttoned up well and coolant was was bled. On the drive back to dublin I noticed the temp gauge on the chrono was reading a little lower and didn't go up as high as it previously did.

Unfortunately I missed one hose clamp and while filling up about 1km from the house it popoed of and dump it's coolant on the forecourt. Finally an excuse to use my insurance recovery cover! Quite the task fixing this with limited tools but I got it fixed and bled the following weekend.

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This bring us up to date to where we are now. I've noticed the clutch getting worse earlier this year, I rang around for a few quotes and decided I could do this myself.

This is where the madness started....

In preparation for doing the clutch I also decided I will do the timing chain, I haven't fully decided if I should lift the engine out or do it insitu yet? In addition to buying tools like a clutch centering tools, cam locking tools and some pullers I also have the following list of things to do to try and reduce the number of engine oil leaks;

  • Clutch Kit - Valeo single mass flywheel conversion
  • Crankshaft Rear Seal
  • Throwout Bearing Guide Sleeve
  • Throwout Bearing Guide Sleeve Bolts
  • Input Shaft Seal
  • Upper Release Fork Bushing
  • Lower Release Fork Bushing
  • Clutch Relase Fork Bolt (3)
  • Slave Cylinder
  • Sump drain plug - I haven't been able to get the one fitted off yet (oil extractor was used for 2x services)
  • Fuel Filter
  • Exhaust Manifold Gasket
  • PAS Hoses - one of these is leaking bad enough I want to replace it
  • Expansion Tank - mine looks old and I believe these go
I also managed to get a hold of a stock LSD which should be on it's way to me now, new bearing have also been ordered.

Timing Chain
  • Timing chain kit
  • Gasket Set - to solve some of the oil leaking around the engine
  • Deflection pulley - I replaced the wrong on previously
I'm also doing the following while I have access
  • Upper Engine Mount
  • Lower Engine Mount
  • Gearbox Mount - I couldn't find on in stock and will be using the Powerflex inserts here
I'm undecided on doing some of the bushes, droplinks and ball joints while I have everything easily accessible. The above list along with a small list of tools is costing an absolute fortune! I probably went a little overboard and while my bank account bleeds for another while I'm glad to sort a lot of this.

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Almost forgot about the radio wiring loom, I wanted to have a look to see whats going on that meant a digital aerial had to be fitted. Almost wish I didn't...


Could be worse I thought...


I was going to solder the joins and shrink wrap everything but in the end I just fitted the radio I intended to use in the E30 as the loom adapter on it didn't need any soldering! I'm waiting on an aerial adapter (so I can also remove the digital one in the windscreen) before refitting it properly. I think it's not holding any volume or radio settings which I need to get to the bottom of once the adapter comes.
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