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Hi all, I may have met a good few of you at Lohen's recent Rolling Road day.

As a newbie to the 'new' MINIs, it was a great day to source inspiration from devotees!

Today, the car has the following mods:

K&N flat panel air filter
Airtec intercooler (thanks to the recent MT group-buy of sorts)
Forge uprated blow-off valve

Can't say the K&N made a blind bit of difference but keen to do something to make the car my own, it was the first thing that came to mind.
The IC has been fitted because, well... it needed fitting at some point I guess.

I know an IC alone will not make much difference but even if it's the placebo effect, the car seems to pull harder at speed.
The blow-off valve was a throw-back to the early to mid-90s, before the word 'chav' was invented. It was one of those itches that needed itching (now I'm nearing 40!)

The car has a carbon fibre effect vinyl roof (3M). Now before you lot start piping up - you know it makes the car go faster (a bit like the outer casing of a golf ball) :lol: It makes the car easier to spot at the supermarket at least. Oh - the dechroming has got as far as a black belt-line kit.

I've bought a couple of guages (Oil Temp and Boost Pressure) from a chap off another popular forum (primarily aimed at cars with names and spotlight-placement questions). Purely FTW. These are getting fitted Thursday.

The car's booked in at Lohen shortly for the following:

Engine health check - to assess readiness of engine for further mods
Walnut de-coke - because it just makes sense
AEM Air intake system
AEM strut brace
Front wishbone rear bushes
Stage 1 Manic Map
ST Suspensions ST XTA Coilovers

I'm sure some will have opinions on the above and I'd love to hear them. I don't have an infinite budget but will listen to informed opinion.

Whilst it's there, I may go ahead with having the hybrid turbo, which I've recently acquired, fitted together with an Akrapovic downpipe and the tune taken up to Stage 3. Although this may have to wait another month.

The KO4 turbo was bought from FleaBay after my competitive streak kicked in following a few beers. Didn't really know what I was buying but checked out the seller's profile, managed to track an Instagram profile down and saw plenty of pics of a red R56 going round a track. The guy appeared to part-out. On winning the turbo I had it sent straight back to the people that built the thing, for an inspection (Universal Turbos). Turned out it had been given a bit of stick so I've had them make it right. Which it now is.

Clearly it would be wise to upgrade the brakes at some point - I'm on the lookout regarding this. I figure that the stock brakes are good for a bit of stick and will be able to handle the above, within reason. It will be down to me driving appropriately and within the brakes’ capabilities - the car won’t be tracked for some time. But I understand, the brakes will need looking at soon.

The R56 stock exhaust won’t hold things back too much and will remain until I can be sufficiently motivated to change it. I suppose in the grand scheme of things, I'd get the exhaust sorted before the wheels - but these need addressing too. And soon. Would like something lightweight and black.

So, with a relatively stock car and plenty of plans progressing at pace, I'm looking forward to see how far this car can go (before the conrods snap - I really should consider looking at these too at some point).

Thanks for your interest.


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Welcome to mt mate, I'm interested about this turbo situation and what lohen recommend to you before fitting etc or if they say it's cool to just run as is.

On the wheel front I spotted these OZ superturismos were for sale this morning. Need a refurb but strong and light wheels for not a lot of money at all.

Just Incase that's they type of thing you are after.

Cheers Sam
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