jcw sparco seats and more

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due to the last thread being full of shatty comments i thought id start a new one with pictures- if you like what you see then pm me

heated jcw seats in mint condition- comes with heating wiring kit- installation instructions- and bases
absolutly everything you need- even the resistor packs fo rthe airbags

carbon intake- mint condition

itg profilter- covered just over 1000miles

brembo- not the jcw kit every man and his dog has- hubcentric spacers- covered just over 1000miles- no lips on the discs- comes with everything rqd

jcw shift light modified so i didnt have to drill the dash- just diverted it down the centre vent in middle of dash- works prefectly

jcw 3 piece dash- mint condition

jcw strut brace in good condition- odd mark here and there- comes with rqd nuts

alcantara jcw shift boot- never been fit

jcw gp intercooler- covered just over 1000 miles- comes with all brackets- air diverter etc- just over 5 months old

i havent put prices on due to the abuse i got- im open to offers so pm me- all items are from an r53 jcw
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Photos would help . . .
Also prices, whats with the lack of prices?
Also prices, whats with the lack of prices?
I Agree, As per your comments on the last thread :p
Maybe its all free? :lol:
A Price on the seats & Scoop would be fantastic.
Dude you have some really nice parts there but prices are needed to help a sale.
how much for alcantara, shrut brace, and intake
1500 for seats and heating kit
700 for brakes
150 for carbon intake

As per his PM, and as per Dragons Den..

I'm out.
Are they all brand new?? as them prices seem top whack
Brakes are uber expensive, price them better and I may be tempted.
Whats with no prices but you'll PM them .. if you have in mind what you want just post them, saves time for you and the interested party.

seats look great, but not £1500 great for me unfortunatley.
I'm interested in the GP ic, price?

Thank you
Brakes are a bit steep, considering there is a complete set for sale brand new in the box for £700.
1 - 20 of 48 Posts
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