JCW Recaro seats

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Hi everyone,
I’m new to the mini world but so far I’m loving the car.
I’d like to offer the seats on here first to see if there’s any interest, before putting
them on eBay.
Really good condition seats, minimal wear, no rips or tears etc. Pics aren’t the best but I’ll try get some more tomorrow.
I’m after some buckets seats to replace these so if anyone would like to do a deal with these plus cash my way, I’m open to offers.
Price wise, £1200. As I say I’m new to minis so I’m just going out what I’ve seen others up for.
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Hi. I’m in Leeds, West Yorkshire. LS25 postcode
I am keen, the only issue is that I am in Singapore. Can you arrange shipping?
Hi George.
Collection only unless you arrange your own courier/shipping
Thanks!! Will search on eBay then!!
Updated photos. Subframes are Included. Can any one tell if these are heated? I’ve been asked a few time’s but I’m unsure as mine didn’t have the heated seat control where the aircon etc is.
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