jbcola's '04 MCS

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Maybe time for a new tread here...

After 3 other Mini's this is my new project.
The 3 others...


'06 MB MCS

So after some problems with n°3 i bought this '04 DS MCS.
Factory specs:
- S spoke 17 "
- Sports suspension
- MF 3-spoke sport steering wheel
- Heated washer head and mirrors
- Auto dimming interior mirror
- Height-adjustable front passenger seat
- Sport Seats
- Storage package
- Xenon
- Automatic air conditioning
- Radio / CD Boost
- White indicators
- Sunroof

- Koni coilovers => done
- Bastuck exhaust => sold
- Custom exhaust => done
- H-sport rear sway => done
- JCW black leather seats => sold
- Recaro Pole Positions => done
- JCW brakes front => done
- JCW full leather steering wheel => done
- Goodrich steel brake lines => done
- Wiechers clubsport cage => done
- additional gauges => done
- wheels, probably more than 1 set
- and probably much more to come

April '10

May '10

June '10

August '10

September '10

And the latest set off wheels :blush:

New mods to come in the next few weeks are Aero bumpers. At the back the one of a cooper so my Bastuck is sold.
Probably i will have a JCW spoiler to... And i need to work on the engine soon because it's still standard :blush:
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Nice one jb! Love the cage and the seats!!!!!

whats the wheel count at now?
No idea :laugh:

I do know what the next set will be :lol:
So much WIN. Very nice work. I love the very top car too :thumbup:

Do you have any wheels spare? (Free) :lol:
I stile have the Shmidt's, the ATS's and the Borbet's.
Everything is for sale :laugh:
Good to see you on here Mr JB :) R53's comin on nicely!
nice, probs the best looking DS on here, aero kit or GP would make it amazing imo
Nice work - The wheel collection is almost as extensive as Antihero3000's :lol: but some of Greigs never make the car :lol:
I was thinking for a new color for my ATS's...

Shoot :laugh:

Interchange Yellow


Or Kawa Green

Or GT3 Blue

Or Purple
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Hi JB. Purple or CR get my vote

Or you could just sell them in silver to me :D
Just ordered these :thumbup1::thumbup1:

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blue or purple but dont do the mirror caps
get started with those engine mods!!!

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