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After owning a R56 for a little while since February 2011 I've decided to start modifying quick-time.
When I first got it:

How it looks now....

My plans are becoming more and more ambitious by the day.......:lol:

Fitted / Have / Want
Car Specs:
R56 Cooper S
FJCW Backbox
Blacked-out S Badges
KW Automotive V1's Inox coated
Turbogroove Drilled and vented front disks with Perfromance Friction Carbon Metallic ZRATED Pads
Front wishbone superflex bushes
ITG Race Performance Foam Filter
Rear camber arms
17" Cades Tyrus with Toyo T1R's
16" Rota RSpec Flat Black with Yokohama AD08's
JCW Aero Kit V2
1320 R56 Tune
Genuine Mini Challenge Middle Section 2.75 Diameter
Genuine Mini Challenge Rear Section
Sparco Evo3 seats with adjustable runners in LARGE!
Shrader Performance Rear Seat Delete
Cusco Carbon Rear Strut Brace (Just For Looks)
Wagner FMIC
Hotchkis 25.5mm Competition Rear Anti Roll Bar

Stage 2 (ETA: June/July 2012)
Hybrid Turbo / JCW Turbo
Custom Remap (Moar Hardcore)
JCW Airbox & Filter
JCW Challenge ducts

What it sounds like:

All comment good/bad welcome

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Shes up on the ramp

Fitted and ready

Checking stuffs all good

Once they had settled

Went for KW V1's with bushes, rides all good now.

Credit to 1320 as scott & jack dropped it nearly perfect with just a bit of adjustment on the rear, scott also fabricated some custom links because the KW V1's where sitting on metal - Fair play! :thumbup1:

she also made 166WHP Stockus Ruckus on the dyno, now to save up for engine mods!

Thanks to all the boys down there, real great bunch of guys.

Don't know how long its going to take 1320 to do a R56 tune, but as soon as its out, it will be on!

My New want list:

Cades Vienna's

Carbon Scoop

Oil Catch Can

Evolve Sport Downpipe

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George when you lowered yours did it feel different under acceleration? like a bit more raw?
Personally prefer mine Medium well...

On a serious note, not sure how to describe it.... Some of the country lanes have become hill climb stages for me as I have a hell of a lot more confidence in the car as its more planted and gives a lot more feedback as to what the car is actually doing, feels safer pushing the car close to the limit.

I still need to iron a few niggles out with some new drop links and bushes but overall was very pleased with getting coilovers.

You will find that you can pick up the throttle a lot earlier as the front feels less floaty and you spend less time correcting/setting up the front to put the power down on the exits of low speed corners.

I had to remove the front lip of the splitter as it was literally being dragged along some bad roads.

As for those wheels, yes they are different but I dont think they suit or fit the MINI well, looks like an attempt of an expensive halfords wheel

If you are looking for that kind of style Rotiform wheels look quite good on the R56, been done a few times but not enough to put you off doing it.

?|? Rotiform Wheels ?|?

Looking forward to seeing this project evolve more, looks like we are at a similar point looking towards power soon :)

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It's going to have to go higher :( - I can't deal with the rubbing doing the mileage I do. And when the md turns up il doubt he will be impressed how I'm spending my car allowance, on a related matter, I now have to walk 0.5 of a mile toy best mates house because my car WILL NOT go over the massive speed bump on his drive! Killer but it's got to be done. Now to save for new anti roll bars and wheels!

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Scott took the front lip off - it was literally the first thing he did, what exists is the harder underlip

To be fair its not the lows that are pissing me off, its the constant vibration when accelerating hard - KW's are meant to be MORE comfortable than AP's hence why I payed TWICE as much!

I suppose I just want it set up to my driving style, as at the moment - yeah it corners great, and when the road is straight and im doing 40 its more comfortable than stock, but I just cant get my head around this feeling when accelerating hard.

Its like my mate says - You can buy the best of everything, but If you don't set it up to your own requirement you wont be happy.

(and no i'm not having a go @ 1320, because I was initially happy with it, and they where more than helpful in making sure I was happy before I drove off)

Adam - Did you used to race karts?
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