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Hello Everyone,

Edit: I thought it was time to update the project thread, and put things in the first post in an organized way.


Took delivery of the jcw with the following specs:

Dark Silver with Black roof
55 plate
25k miles
JCW Engine Kit
Full Black Leather interior
Limited Slip Diff
Dynamic Stability Control
Multi-function S/Wheel
Cruise Control
Heated Mirrors/Washerjets
Heated Front Windshield
17" S-Spoke Wheels
Darkened Glass
Auto-Dim Interior Mirror
Pass. Seat Height Adj.
Storage Compartment Pack
Front Seat Heating
Park Distance Control
Front Fog Lights
Rain Sensor
Xenon Headlights & Wash
Auto Air Conditioning
Trip Computer
Interior Light Package
Harman Kardon Hi-Fi w/ CD changer
White Indicator Lenses
Chromeline Exterior
Chrome Mirror Caps
JCW Carbonfiber Hood Scoop

R56 MCS brakes were fitted on the day of delivery! :) After the brakes, the next step was wheels & tyres.

Right away, I was looking for some 16 inch oem x-lite's, so I can ditch the s-spokes. The plan was to use my 17 inch Team Dynamics ProRace 1.2 wheels from my old mini on the road and use the x-lite’s on track with some good rubber.


My 17x7 Team Dynamics ProRace 1.2 et38 wheels in matte black with 205/40/17 Yokohoma Parada Spec2's went on the car:

I found some 16x7 Rota Grids in bronze with 195/45/16 Toyo Proxes T1-R tyres on them:

Then, it was time to visit 1320 for a healthcheck. Compression and leakdown tests showed the engine was in top-notch condition. So I was quite happy. :) Then, the ITG replacement filter I just got was installed, and the jcw airbox was de-flapped. Result: 185.6whp/158.8wtq with 15psi boost. Dyno sheet below:


Rota’s went on the car before Brands Hatch:

First track day with the jcw (Feb 5th Brands Hatch):

Followed by London Tunnel Run:


Brakes –
R56 MCS Brakes with 12 Groove Nitrac disks and Carbotech XP8 pads
Engine – JCW 210 Engine kit, de-flapped airbox + ITG Replacement filter
Suspension – MeisterR Europa Coilovers, GTT Top Strut Brace
Wheels&Tyres – 17x7 Team Dynamics ProRace 1.2 et38 wheels in matte black with 205/40/17 Yokohoma Parada Spec2's for the road, 16x7 Rota Grid et40 wheels in bronze with 195/45/16 Toyo Proxes T1-R’s for the track.

Future Plans:

2nd hand Newman cam + Tune
GP intercooler
(+ rear seat delete)



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thanks si-87! :D I wish the weather was a bit better, so I could enjoy the new car a bit more :D the weather has been absolutely miserable since I got the car!

the plans are.....


Well actually, the first mod is already done. R56 mcs brakes are on. But nothing fancy. It's just the standard disks, standard pads, standard hoses. These brakes were TDLC's original brakes, and when he was switching to jcw brembos, I got these from him and put them on my one with some new pads. And when they were being put on the r53 got some new r56 hoses. So this is actually the 3rd car these brakes have been on! (any comments on upgrading disks/pads/hoses are welcome!)


2) Then, I am currently stuck at the second stage, which is wheels&tyres.

On my r56 one, I had taken off the runflats, got some cheap rubber and I was using these stock wheels with budget tyres on trackdays. And I had a set of 17" prorace 1.2's in matte black with yoko parada2's for daily use :)

I still have the prorace 1.2's. However, because I have s-spokes on the r53, I do not really want to use the s-spokes daily or on the track, and I want to go with lighter wheels. I want to go with 16's this time. Certain options are:

a) oem 16 x-lite's - they are light (8kg), relatively cheap and because they're oem, it's a 56.1mm direct bore fitment, so no need for spigot rings.

b) rota's boost/grid/fighter/slipstreams - I was going to make my decision according to their prices&weights. I see that [email protected] said 16's are all around 6.1kg! I need to a quote...

In addition to this, I don't know if it is possible to get 56.1mm centre bore on the rota's. (Has anyone had problems with plastic spigot rings getting cracked at the track etc?)

c) team dynamics 1.2s or 2s - 16 inch in silver or white (i.e. not black, for a change)(7.4kg). I do not really another set of team dynamics, but I've been happy with the other set, so it's more a matter of how much I can get the alternative for.

d) oem 17 bullets - they are not that light, but at 9.4kg, it's still 2kgs lighter than the s-spokes and they are relatively cheap and relatively easy to find and obviously no need for spigot rings.

e) ?


3) The itg filter to go in the jcw airbox and deflapping? To hear the supercharger whine more…


4) Engine mods - will be decided after a trip to 1320 and seeing how the car is running, either on Saturday 16th on the rolling road day or the following week separately for a health check.


5) Suspension mods - will be decided after a few trackdays, starting with the day at Brands Hatch on Feb 5th.

I would appreciate any inputs/comments/suggestions!



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added specs and more pictures to the first post..

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Thanks guys!

Has anyone here had problems with wheels with spigot rings on the track???

My prorace 1.2's are direct fitment / 56.1 centre bore. Therefore, I had no issues swapping oem's with the team dynamics' frequently at each event...

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Thanks mate! I'll keep an eye on it!

What would you guys says about white wheels on a dark silver w/ black roof? :confused1:

I like the look of white wheels :blushing:

picture from Graham's visit to RareRims:


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ha-ha, always knew that you weren't going to be able to stay clear from modding after that first track day at Woodbridge :lol:

Specs/mod-list looks promising mate :thumbup1:

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Nice to see the Project Thread :D

Not sure if there are any issues with Spigot rings & track work, would think that most of the track minis use them though & i've not seen any posts on the subject ? If there are i'd be keen to understand more too.

16" Rotas sound sweet, I like Floofs they are sweeeeet!

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White wheels look great IMHO and defo with your colour .

Why don't you use your TD's ? - fantastic wheels , and I would expect the plastic spigots to crack like you TBH ( James might have his white ones still )

You'll be wanting some coilovers soon as crap original susp - KW's the DB's !

KMT pulley is a must in say 11% or 13% for now until you can get a better IC and then you'll only need a new outer bit in something smaller later on . Plenty of people will buy the 11 or 13 me included .

better rated sparks plugs - get them at 1320 when down

Start Powerflex bushing as the old ones will collapse on track as I know to my cost ! - Not as hard as you think - only need a press for one of them - the rest are either void fillers or push ins .

It goes on and on so unlike me get a priority list if it's your Daily driver too

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Here are my new 16x7 rota grids in bronze et40 with 195/45/16 t1-r's! :thumbup:

So now i need the correct spigot rings for 56.1mm, because the wheels are off from a non-mini...

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