Ipod touch

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Another thing I don't want anymore, works fine but has section of the screen which has died, doesn't affect its operation at all, comes with its cable, no head phones.

Will take any reasonable offer for it.
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A section of the screen has died as in no picture or as in the touch doesn't work anymore?
No image, ive never seen a screen do anything like it before! Touch still works fine.
GB size? And £21 and a pack of jelly tots.
£22 and a whole haggis! And a bottle o irn bru!
£22, a whole haggis, an irn bruv, a lion bar{!!} AND a packet of ice gems ???? C'MON!!!!!
£23! A wholoe haggis (large one) they come in 2 sizes. Irn Bru, some home made tablet AND a highland toffee bar.
£26 and a candle for when it gets cold. I know you like saving money. And if its really cold, you could light it :lol:
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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