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Hey Guys and Gals,
I Recently became owner of a 05 r53 cooper s and knowing myself and how things snowball I though i had better make a project thread to keep track of how the car progresses.

Abit of boring backstory-
Iv had quiet afew cars over the years and I always go abit overboard, Iv had abit of a break from cars for 2 years while moving house, getting engaged etc Im happy that I have because a standard r53 feels like a rocket ship to me now :ROFLMAO: for example my last fun car was a Clio 182 Cup, that was brought as a daily bone standard, a year later it had a full weld in cage, 6 point harnesses, half dash, digi dash clock, solid engine mounts, cut all unused loom out and rewired, full poly bush/rose jointed, cup racer geometry....and it was still my daily.
I did the same with a blobeye impreza prodrive and a mazda 3 MPS prior to the clio, and before that many different Hondas :rolleyes:
"The Quest For Balance"...My intentions with the Mini is to make a well balanced car for Daily/Fun/Track driving, Interior will remain where it is etc lol. A Gentleman's Race Car If you will ;):LOL:

Anyway Heres some pictures




89k on the clock, Lots of history with it has the dealer spec I wanted....basically that means it has an LSD and overall alot more fun than id thought :D

Spent today giving it a full clean and wax, Iv always felt a car isnt yours til youv properly cleaned it.

My first plans are to do the "usual" things that go or wear on a mini, so rocker gasket, crank sensor gasket, expansion tank and change the timing tensioner. (Any suggestions on other parts worth changing would be appreciated)

Long term plans arnt quite clear to me yet as Im actually very happy with how it is right now coming from my last car (a lifted Mitsubishi Shogun on insa turbos...another daily that was staying standard :LOL:) it feels like a go kart.

I had a roll of heat reflective tape from an old project i found while cleaning the mini and ended up adding some to the airbox while cleaning the bay, looking to do a davef style airbox soon so will cover the lower half while thats out

Some pics post clean/wax


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