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as above, 240v, no louder than most vacuum cleaners, I don't use it loads really but it's been brilliant, selling as just bought a bigger one the same, simple as that

comes in less than 70cm height and 120 length,

I have just taken a vid of it venting until cut in and out etc which I'll post later via YT,

putting on here briefly as it will suit all of you DIYing anything, whether your own home tyre pressure gauge which saves sooo long vs air pumps, or air drills, air hammers, air saws, spray guns if you have a dryer and reg etc but the best thing of all is the lack of noise, they're brilliant things really ;O)


will go in an estate car no problem, I did in my B6 A4 Avant. Not a desperate sale as can use it if I do anything mobile, but you all need one 😁

only real mark is in view,

might deliver for fuel and beer or cakes/biscuits ;O)

no ancillaries, best with 10mm lines for air tools.

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