HPFP old and new

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Are there any differences between the HPFP thats installed on a 2008 R56S and the one on the latest (facelift) R56S?
How can one tell which is the new so he doesnt get and old one?
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Yes there are two types, different unions on either, I only know as I recently aquired a pump from a guy who works at BMW and he had to supply a different pipe as well so that I could fit it to mine, the only way I think you will be able to get the correct pump for your car is to supply the chassis and engine number when you get one, that way the correct pump will be supplied.
As an aside he did say that BMW have terminated their contract with the original pump supplier's due to quality control issue's. ...funny that.
Also I'm not sure that age will determine which pump it is, as mine is a 2010 jcw (still N14) and it has the earlier pump fitted.
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