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Thought i would introduce myself properly. Already posted a bit and got some great advice…hopefully someday i can return the favor as my knowledge increases.

I’m British, but live in Norway…so have to suffer expensive cars compared to the UK (combustion, electric is tax free here).

Know bugger all about cars, compared to most here…but enjoy learning.

My car history is a bit mixed…a lot of motorcycles and vans early on. A VVT celica was a highlight back then.

Got my first mini 4 years ago, F56 JCW with all the pro kit. Was a dealers demo car, great fun! But an auto, which wasn’t what I really wanted…so sold it over this summer.

Just got another JCW, 2012 R56 as a project car for track and road. The tinkering has begun.

old car

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Land vehicle

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Window

The new older car

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Window

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