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Hello all,

I´ ve bought a few months ago a completely stock 2005 facelifted R53 Checkmate edition with 127K Kms on the clock, with xenons and H/K. I´ve been modding it since then.

Mod list (done):

  • Oil service with all the filters changed.
  • GRS Motorsport intercooler.
  • Screamin´ Demon coil pack with Magnecor KV85 wires and NGK cooler spark plugs.
  • Orranje Stealth airbox with K&N (RU-3190) filter on it.
  • R56 S front brakes with braided hoses (HEL Performance), Motul RBF700 brake fluid and Brembo Max pads, in the future probably I´ll try DS2500 or Bluestuff (feel free to comment).
  • New rear discs and pads (OEM).
  • Original Bosch JCW 380cc injectors with adapters.
  • Silicone intake hose.
  • Custom rear exhaust with sportier mufflers on it (deeper sound). Installing here in Spain a JCW exhaust or a Milltek / Janspeed would be a pain in the ass, as those exhausts don´t come along with the proper paperwork needed here for the ITV (MOT for you in the UK).
  • Ultragauge.

After summer I´m planning to do the following (already purchased parts):

  • General inspection with the engine out of the car.
  • New clutch and flywheel (OEM).
  • New OEM header without precat.
  • Supercharger service (new seals, gaskets and oil).
  • 15% reduced supercharger pulley (KAVS) with reduced belt (Gates).
  • 0% lightweight crank pulley (KAVS).
  • New belt tensioner
  • Mishimoto silicon coolant hoses with a new coolant expansion tank (OEM) among with a circuit flush and a supercoolant bottle (Rislone Hypercool, let me know your impressions). The car had already a new radiator on it.
  • Mishimoto thermostat (82ºc).
  • New power steering reservoir with new hoses (OEM).
  • Newman PH2 camshaft.
  • I´ve purchased as well a new supercharger bypass valve (just in case).
  • Live dyno ECU tune (raising rev limiter it´s worth with that cam?).

* If you´re thinking on a BVH, it´s not planned at all in principle (too much money right now), but who knows in the future...

The car is not planned for track use, it´s my second car for weekends B-road blasts and holiday trips.

After the oil service and an engine decontamination or decarbonization, not sure the correct way of saying it, treatment with a machine. The car felt and rode nice and smooth.
Right now the heat issues are starting to show, here in Madrid, summer time it´s so hot, on last week we already had 42ºc, even at midnight we had 30ºc 🥵. I felt the car lazier than usual, specially in traffic, but as I´ve read here in many occasions, it´s normal in these cars. Do you think I´ll have serious heat issues in the future with the set up mentioned above? How many BHP should I expect if everything´s fine? Could you advise of any other issues to take into account?

In a few months I´m planning as well to renew the suspension. I´m thinking on Bilsteins B6 with the stock springs (Sport Plus) as I don´t want to lower it (many speed bumps here to deal with). And full polybushed with Powerflex, with a set of Michelin PS5 in the stock Checkmate´s wheels (already have installed the rear tyres (205/45 R17 88 Y)). Do you think it will cope with the new power on it (LSD??)? Will I need a front strut brace as well? Please let me know, your comments will be appreciated.

Many thanks

Cheers mates

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Exhaust sound R53

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Exhaust sounds awesome.
Welcome to the forum.
Ohh, many thanks, I know that probably, is not as loud or raspy, as the kind of the exhausts mentioned before, but for the moment, I'm pretty happy with it, doesn' t drone at all when cruising on highway, but funnier than the standard one. I assume that with the new header without the precat, the reduced pulley and the camshaft, it'll sound louder or more aggresive. At least it's what I hope 😅 and still road legal and passing the Spanish MOT.

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Nice work done there, welcome 👍
Many thanks Chalky13, but I feel there's yet a lot of work to do, specially in comparison with a lot of projects that can be seen on this forum. Apart from that, it's getting tough to get all the proper stuff available for this beauty. Specially when most of the cool toys are there in the UK, and nowadays everything is more expensive than ever. Only with the amount paid on import taxes at Customs for all the parts that I've purchased on last months, I could have bought other parts as well 😅. But in the end, when I have them installed on the car, all the effort and money invested, seems to worth it for sure.

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