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*First of all i am not posting this to be in a cockfight with you guys this is purely in entertainment form...

I was looking at my old phone and found some video that my buddy took when we had a couple of drives before he went back to Slovenia, the video with r1 was completely unplaned and it just happened, the others was a organized drive.
All of the videos were recorded in Palma de Mallorca, Spain... if you are thinking of getting here.. DO IT

Now the car in all of the videos is my buddies 2006 Mini GP1 with 242 whp and some light suspension mods.

Driver: Me
Copilot: owner (yes he was scared for his car ?)

After the drive with the R1 rider we talked and he told me that he got the bike for 1 week so if anybody is wondering why isnt he smoking me, thats why....


this is the car

If you guys have any videos of your own i would love to see them, so share away :)
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