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Lightweight wheel tyre combinations make the single biggest difference to handling dynamics. Quicker to accelerate as less inertia to overcome. Quicker to decelerate for the same reason. Quicker to change direction due to less gyroscopic effect.
All alloys are not the same. Gravity cast being the weakest material so has to use more. Forged and now flow formed, producing the strongest structural alloy so can use less.
OZ Allegarita’s in 17x8 come in at 6.2kg compared to 17x7 MG hairpins at 9kg for example.
However Mini GP1 alloys at 9kg for 18x7 benefit from lighter tyres in 205/40/18 section than compared to 205/45/17 since there’s much less steel ply’s in the lower profile.
Clearly there’s more to tyre performance than weight but on road the dynamic handling effects will increase in comparison to a grippy heavy tyre. Tyre weight has the single biggest effect on car acceleration and deceleration performance.
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