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Edging ever nearer to completion and on track! After the hassle of the @powerflexbushes front caster bushes going on and fouling the front bumper, I'd managed to get it to a point whereby I could drive it to get setup after removing an arch and shimming the front bumper. Big thanks to @anotherjcw & @autotech_london for sorting that out for me last week.

After a recommendation from @monkylondon & @vbance for @geobyluke to set the car up, it turns out he was just down the road from me so thought why not!

Excellent work, very impressive setup with a quick install on the tow arms and then it was on for dialing in the geometry. We started with GP2 spec, then added a little more spice to it 馃敟 It's a daily driver but I still want that track spec so we took camber as far as we could go within the top mounts limits without cutting them right back.

Blown away by the transformation, I knew it would be night and day as it wasn't set up at all before, but now it's razer sharp and feels very focused with go kart handling.

Spec of the suspension:

@bcracing_uk DS series, 8+8kg with camber top mounts and BC Coilovers own drop links
@powerflexbushes +2deg caster front bushes
@powerflexbushes polybush purple spec front arb bushes +stock JCW roll bar
@alta_performance_ Camber arms (rear)
@alta_performance_ Toe arms (rear)
@alta_performance_ rear drop links
@alta_performance_ 22mm rear anti roll bar

Corner weighted and ride height set

Car weighs in at around 1175kg with a splash of fuel helped along the way with @deadweight_industries lightweight battery shaving 16kg.

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Glad you're enjoying it! A poorly set up mini can feel a bit nervous on the road.

Maybe your car doesn't need it as it sounds like it's handling well now but corner weighting and getting the ARBs neutral made a big difference to my car.

Edit: should have read your post properly. I see you've already done it

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Glad you're enjoying it! A poorly set up mini can feel a bit nervous on the road.
Yes that's what it was like before. It had only ever had a front wheel alignment. And the whole car was sketchy on the motorway or at speed it felt like it would swap ends. Fine on country lanes.

It was already set up for corner weight and ride height last year so this was to finish things off.

Few small bits left to do. Will probably need to trim the fiberglass bumper and arches a bit now to prevent any fouling and then book a track day.
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