Genuine Mint Condition R53 Cooper S Exhaust System

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This sale is for a genuine Mini Cooper S R53 exhaust, the exhaust was removed from a brand new car for a performance exhaust to be added to it, so this exhaust has only really been used for 50 miles!

You can check the pipes there is literally no carbon on them at all.

Any questions please feel free to email me.

The exhaust is 2.4m in length and 1.2m wide. So it is quite large, I can deliver within 20-30 miles for a small fee. I've literally had this in my garage wrapped up for the last 8 years!!!

Im looking for £100 for it as the exhaust is practically brand new. But I am open to offers.

Thanks for looking

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Why are you not closer to me? Fancy a 137Miles trip? haha
Way too cheap.
^^^ this
I got a price from a dealership just for giggles... £600.
Good price, £500+ from BMW.

Would be a good buy for someone returning to stock.
Why are you not closer to me? Fancy a 137Miles trip? haha
Little bit to far for me! :w00t:
I'm tempted to buy this then sell it on, I work near High Wycombe too but I already have one of these to shift myself (much older and rustier than this one) and I don't want to be sitting on 2 of them. :)
If you can get a decent price to get shipped to east Yorkshire I probably buy it . Such a shame it's so far away.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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