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If you don't have the excellent American Bentley MINI manual to hand this is a useful and comprehensive list of:-
MINI Fuses / Relays / Earth Points

Engine compartment fusebox
(Note: The high current fuses FL1-FL5 are underneath (on the bottom) of the Engine Compartment Fuse panel. To access them, first, disconnect the battery. Then remove the fuse panel cover, then the multi-plug at the front of the fusebox, then the 8mm screw at each end, and the 10mm screw holding the cable from the battery. If you then fiddle the battery cable out of the way, there is just enough slack in the other wires to tilt the fusebox down at its front end, to reveal the panel guarding the big fuses, which is located at the rearmost end of the fusebox. The cover prises off with a small screwdriver. The high current fuses FL1-FL5 themselves are then revealed, and can be removed with a Torx 25 bit (2 screws each).

High current fuses FL6-FL12 are on the right.
Fuses F1-F10 are on the left but are indicated in Mini wiring diagrams as F01-F010
F1 5A Digital engine electronics control unit
F2 20A Digital engine electronics control unit/Ignition coil/Cylinder 1-4 fuel injection valves/Crankshaft position sensor (From K6300 87)
F3 15A Camshaft position sensor/O2 sensor before cat/O2 sensor after cat/Solenoid valve, fuel tank ventilation/Relay K19 control power (From K6300 87)
F4 15A Tank Leakage diagnosis pump
F5 5A Relay, engine cooling electric fan (From K6300 87)
F6 30A ABS/ASC/DSC control module
F7 30A Magnetic clutch for AC compressor via relay K19
F8 30A control power K69923 Relay, electric power steering pump cooling fan/Switch unit Heating & A/C blower
F9 20A BC1 (X11177 2) unit via I01136 and I01137 (Relay front wiper motor fast/slow and Relay front wiper motor on/off)
F10 15A BC1/Left fog/Right fog/Switch panel via K47

FL1 50A Feed to F14, F31, F32 (BC1,Heating & Air con blower, cigarette lighter)
FL2 50A Feed to F1, F2, F3, F4, F19, F20, F21, F22, F23, F24, F25, F26, F27, F28, F37 (BC1, steering angle sensor, clock, instrument cluster, navigation, on-board monitor, wash/wipe, horn, audio system.)
FL3 40 A Convertible top control
FL4 100A Electric Steering control unit/Hydraulic pump
FL5 50A Feed to F15, F16, F17 (Sunroof, aerial antenna, rear wiper)
FL6 40A ABS/ASC/DSC unit
FL7 50A Feed to ignition switch
FL8 50A BC1 (X332 20) Headlight
FL9 50A DME unit and Switching unit 2-speed blower via I01135 (Relay electric engine cooling fan)
FL10 50A K416, Relay heated front screen
FL11 50A Switch unit, 2-speed blower heating & air con
FL12 50A BC1 (X332 17) Headlight

F01 5A Engine Control Module (ECM), Convertible top control Module
F02 20A ECM, ignition coil, fuel injectors, crank position sensor
F03 15A Engine control
F04 15A Engine control
F05 5A Engine cooling fan
F07 30A Air Con compressor
F08 30A Heating A/C blower, EHPS cooling fan
F09 20A Windscreen wipers
F010 15A Parking lights
(Sometimes F0 fuses above are labeled F only in Eng. Comp. Fusebox)

Passenger compartment fusebox
F1 30A BC1 (X332 3) power windows LH
F2 5A Steering angle sensor
F3 5A Digital clock/Outside mirror fold-in control unit
F4 5A BC1 (X254 27) Constant power
F5 5A Control module for instrument cluster/Diode (From Electronic immoblizer control unit)
F6 5A Brake light switch/Clutch switch module/Electronic immobilizer control unit EWS
F7 5A BC1 (X254 36)/Rain sensor
F8 5A Turn indicator/low beam switch
F9 5A Control module for instrument cluster
F10 5A Navigation computer/On-board monitor control unit/Radio control unit
F11 5A K119, Relay, rear washer pump/K5 Relay, front washer pump
F12 20A Ignition switch to heated seats
F13 5A Reversing light switch/CVT switch
F14 10A BC1 (X332 14) Constant power to interior/reading lamps
F15 20A Sunroof module control unit
F16 30A BC1/Rear window w/o antenna or Wave trap 1 w/ rear window antenna via K13/ Heated rear screen
F17 15A BC1 (X254 43)/Rear window wiper motor via I01142 (Relay rear wiper motor)
F18 5A Hall sensor driver & passenger buckle/Multiple restraint system (MRS system)
F19 30A BC1 (X332 7) power windows RH
F20 20A K96, Fuel pump relay 1
F21 10A Control module for instrument cluster
F22 15A On board monitor control unit/Navigation computer/Eject box
F23 20A K5 Relay front washer pump/K119 relay rear washer pump
F24 5A Electronic immobilizer control unit/Horn for antitheft alarm system EWS
F25 30A Headlight washer pump via K6
F26 10A Automatic transmission
F27 15A Radio control unit/CD Changer/Amplifier
F28 15A Volute spring/Right horn/Left horn via K2
F29 5A Heating and AC control module/Sensor interior temperature fan
F30 5A Instrument cluster
F31 30A BC1 via K4 (X253 23) Heating & A/C blower
F32 15A Front cigar lighter via I01151 (Relay cigarette lighter front)
F33 10A ABS/ASC/DSC unit
F34 10A Digital engine electronics control unit direct and via K96/Eng management main relay
F35 5A Mirror adjustment switch/Electrochrome rear view mirror/Windscreen washer jet heater/Outside mirrors
F36 5A K416, Relay Heated front screen
F37 20A BC1 (X332 1) Central locking
F38 -
F39 5A Alternator/Electric Steering control unit/hydraulic pump
F40 5A Control module for instrument panel/Switch panel/Steering angle sensor
F41 5A Park distance control unit/power to K69923, Relay fan steering control module/pump
F42 -

(MCS Only - Luggage compartment fusebox, MC/One direct battery feed)
F100 250A Feed to FL1, FL2, FL4, FL5, FL6, FL7, FL8, FL9, FL10, FL11, FL12, F1, F6, F7, F8, F9, F10, K6300

For Ref.
BC1 (Body Control Unit)
Located behind kick panel - drivers footwell (UK) / passengers footwell (USA / Europe)
4 Connectors:-
X332 20 pin (green)
X253 54 pin (black)
X254 54 pin (natural)
X255 54 pin (blue)

IDs for Relays / Location
K42 Horn relay / Behind Passenger compartment fusebox
K4 Heater-blower relay (up to March 2003) / Engine compartment fusebox
K4 Heater-blower relay (from March 2003) / Passenger compartment fusebox
Control: BC1 (X253 23)
Switch: M30/A11
K5 Relay washer pump front / Behind passenger compartment fuse panel
K6 Relay Headlight washer / Passenger compartment fusebox
K13 Relay rear window defroster / Behind Passenger compartment fuse panel
Control: BC1 (X254 22)
Switch: Rear window defroster
K19 Relay AC Compressor / Engine compartment fusebox
K47 Front fog light relay / Engine compartment fusebox
Control: BC1 (X254 40)
Switch: Left fog light/Right fog light/Switch panel light
K96 Fuel pump relay / Passenger compartment fusebox
Control: A6000 (X60004 24)
Switch: M2
K104 Relay auxiliary water pump
K119 Relay washer pump rear / Behind passenger compartment fuse panel
K416 Relay heated windshield
K6300 DME Main Relay / Engine compartment fusebox
control: A6000 (X60004 16)
Switch: F02/F03/F04/F05
K69923 Relay EHPS fan power steering / Behind passenger compartment fuse panel
I01135 Relay Engine cooling fan stage 2 (from March 2003) / Engine compartment fusebox
I01136 Relay front wiper fast/slow / Engine compartment fusebox
I01137 Relay front wiper on/off / Engine compartment fusebox
I01142 Relay rear wiper / Behind Passenger compartment fusebox
I01148 Relay Shiftlock / Passenger compartment fusebox
I01151 Relay front cigarette lighter / Behind Passenger compartment fusebox
I01152 Relay Engine cooling fan stage 1 / Engine compartment fusebox

Body Earth Locations
E1 LH rear of engine compartment
E2 LH front of engine compartment
E3 RH front of engine compartment
E4 RH side of footwell
E5 LH door sill
E6 LH side of luggage compartment
E7 RH side of luggage compartment
E8 RH door sill
E9 LH door sill
E10 Behind LH rear window trim panel
E11 Behind RH rear window trim panel

(please feel free to add more updates for later cars or correct any errors or omissions)


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That's way too complicated for me to comprehend - but no doubt this will prove uber helpful to the DIY'ers among us. :)

Worthy of a sticky maybe?

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Hi, can anyone tell me where about in a MCS luggage compartment the extra fuse box is located? I have a battery drain which my other half is trying to trace but there is still a drain even with all fuses and relays removed from the Fuse box in the passenger footwell and in the engine bay :-/
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