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JCW Aero Kit
JCW Rear Diffusers
Black Headlights
Grillecraft Upper and Lower Grilles

JP Cages R56 Half Cage in Gold
Coolerworx Shifter in Gold
Cobra Anniversary Monacos with Cobra slider mounts
Scroth Harnesses (seatbelts are still in and coded out)
Sparco 300 with B&G Quick Release
Innovate AFR Gauge
Innovate Oil Temp and Pressure Gauge
Rear seats removed + GP2 delete
Customer Dials with White LEDs

Engine and Drivetrain
Turbosystems Hybrid Turbo
Cat cams version 3
CP pistons (9.5:1)
Cylinder head ported
Supertech Inlet valves including collets
Supertech Exhaust valves including collets (sodium filled Inconel valves)
Supertech Single valve springs
Supertech Titanium retainers
Closed Deck Block
ZRP con rods
HKS SSQV4 blow off valve
Aquamist DI Methanol Injection system ported to intake + Tank in Boot
ARP stud and nut kit
TTV Clutch and Flywheel with crank balanced to accomodate
Wavetrac LSD
2.5 inch stainless exhuast all the way through - MTC downpipe, Milltek Catback
Wagner Competition core FMIC
Noisemaker delete
Custom Tuned by Manic
AEM Intake
All Silicone Hoses where practical

Suspension & Brakes
ST XTA Coilovers
ST Top Mounts
2 sets of RCA
ST Front ARB
Vibratechnics Engine Mount
Direnza solid Gearbox mount
Superflex Front Wishbone Bushes
Superflex Rear ARB Bushes
Reyland Track 330 Brakes - AP 4 pot caliper + 2 piece 330x28mm Discs
HEL Braided stainless steel brake lines
Motul 660 Brake Fluid

Wheels and Tires
Bola B10 17x7.5 ET40 - spaced accordingly
AD08R 215/45 all round

OEM Sat Nav with latest software
Sony Speakers throughout
Vibe all in one Subwoofer + Amp
MOT until August 2022

£12,000 no offers. No haggling, No part outs.

This car was built on a fully working N14. The car has done nearly 110,000 miles. The engine build has done around 5,000 miles (1,000 of those were running it in). I still use daily so the mileage will creep up, but we're nearing winter so these miles will be short now. It's likely there's other bits in there I've forgotten about!

I'm sure anyone that knows these cars can appreciate the amount of money and labour that's been chucked into this project.

Bad bits:

Paint is showing it's age and unfortunately was keyed when I bought it; I did a shit job of the cover up so needs some love. It was next on my list to address.
Front Tyres have a winter left on them.
Rear wheel has some clouding from a stone chip - the reality of diamond cut finishes!
The powdercoat on the cage is cracked, some days it looks perfect, other days it has a crackle effect. Looks like I meant for the effect, but alas, I didn't!

Any questions? It's better to DM me on insta: @revo.evom as it's easier to get hold of me there.

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Have to say that is an insane deal for what's been spent on that. Someone will have bought themselves a mega spec'd car for the price. Good luck with the sale. Happy to post something up on @clementspeedshop if you want me to.
Thanks dude I'd appreciate it.

I'm kinda hoping nobody offers me the money.

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Thanks for your input Keith. I've been doing this Mini thing a little bit longer than yourself.. I'm not selling my bone stock Countryman SD here (not until after Winter anyway).

I'm selling a car that's had probably had +£20k chucked at it and if someone comes along that wants all the work done without the waiting and expense; it's here.

I don't need the money; this what the car is worth to me to let the project go. I certainly don't give a single fuck what the perceived market value is and if I still have it in two years; I'll be fine and still be doing more mods probably.

It's still £12k and it's still a great car.

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Then I hope you enjoy driving it for many years to come.

As for “I’ve done this Mini thing longer than you” Well the car is irrelevant, all modified cars have narrow markets, so high prices take time to sell, I’ve been there so many times with my cars, so yes I know the same market well enough.

Good luck with the sale, I’m sure it’s a great car, but will anyone want it, yet alone pay £12k for it….only time will tell.

Im not saying it’s not worth more than a standard car, just at £12k it’s up against some much better and newer cars and that’s how 99.9% of potential buyers will see it, it’s always the way. Let’s hope the 0.1% turns up.
A few more posts from you stating it's overpriced will really help I'm sure.

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Beautiful car my man..! I dunno how old this post is but I’m new to mini torque & I’m looking for a car to purchase now, I actually have a post looking for a JCW or GP2 on the “ minis for sale” area on this site. Im looking for a N18 motor car only but ur cars case is different. Ur N14 motor has had a lot of work put into it. Reason I’m looking N18 only was my horrible experience. I purchased a beautiful 2012 JCW w/ 20k miles on it bout year & a half two years ago & 10 months after driving it the entire top end of the n14 JCW motor broke into pieces inside- entire motor was garbage… but u put a lot of time , thought, $, energy lol & god knows what else into ur n14. Is it still for sale? I’m gonna check h out on the Instagram also. Thanks Paul
Hey thanks for your interest.

I think you being in the US and the car being in the UK might be a deal breaker.
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