FS: Enlarged Throttle body for R50 One/Cooper

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For sale:

R50 Throttle body, professionally enlarged to 57mm. £160 (cost £371)

Collection from Hook, Hampshire or I can arrange postage at cost.
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Hi Craig,

What sort of difference does this make to driving experience/power and how easy is it to fit?


Really noticeable on throttle response. Lohen said one was necessary on their 150bhp conversion which is why I had it made.
Bump, price dropped. Bargain here and a must have for a fast cooper/one!
I'm tempted if you still have this next month. I can't afford it right now. What else will I need with this?
bump, going stupidly cheap now. I have no use for this any longer so want rid.
This is a stand alone upgrade or one to compliment other mods.
Wish I had the money :(
As soon as I have my car back, I'll buy it dude.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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