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It's Dan Raabe. I'm currently in Colorado, and love to find sport guys who really know about the fine points of Mini Coopers. Here if I want to find information it's tough. Not a lot of people have the desire to get the most out of their Mini Coopers. So I haven't seen too many that are better than stock models.

I would be very interested in any insights that you would be willing to share on rebuilding an N14 engine. Almost everything about a rebuild is pretty straight forward except camshafts and measuring the valve clearances. I would like a better cam in my engine. I think it would be a worthwhile upgrade.

I drive a 2007 MCS. I've renewed the turbo with a KO4, ported and ceramic exhaust manifold, tune, high flow catted downpipe, 3" exhaust, larger intercooler, brakes, shocks, swaybar...

I would like to rebuild the engine next summer 2016.

I'll follow along here. I've read some good posts. DR
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