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2003 cooper S 218bhp
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Just changed the seats in the convertible for a set of leathers so I’ve got the old interior to get rid of, it’s actually for a R50/R53 as the seat backs are different to the convertible but I just fitted the front seats and rear seat cushion when I had them in the car, the rear split seat sections are included

as you can see they just need a bloody good clean!


Next up set of standard R53 cooper S springs and shocks as removed by carsorbikes, I was going to keep them as an emergency set of spares but I’m happy with the bilsteins and should I sell the car I’m not going to the mither of swapping them round so they have to go!

if you want them then it’s collection only from Crewe, cheshire, the springs are advertised on my wife’s Facebook too so be quick as someone will come and weigh em in for scrap!

I may have more stuff to add I go through the shed later but nothing spectacular
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